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Tuning in to people talk can be enlightening. Today’s historical podcasts can immerse listeners in past narratives. Check out some of our favorites!

Fall in love with history again through these historical podcasts

History can never be spoken without the word “story”. Human beings have been telling each other stories since the beginning of our time, sitting around a campfire and making sketches on cave walls. Today, people across vast time distances can get into the minds of those who lived centuries before them! Sometimes, history is the greatest education, making historical podcasts a sanctuary for the intellect. 

Thankfully, for all our history buffs, there’s an array of wise podcasters providing content that’ll be perfect for your next roadtrip. 

Today’s historical podcasts can immerse listeners in past narratives, whether you’re listening to the French Revolution or the origins of Christmas. Sometimes, the past can be music to our ears. These are some of our favorite historical podcasts!

The Memory Palace

The Memory Palace lives in the Radiotopia network of alluring, cutting-edge podcasts. They pride themselves on cultivating an artistic community for both their listeners & creators. 

When it comes to The Memory Palace, they’re a monthly historical podcast, featuring narratives talking about events like The Cardiff Giant, one of America’s greatest hoaxes regarding a ten-foot tall petrified man unveiled by workers digging a well on October 16th, 1869. 

Have you ever heard about the CIA’s Acoustic Kitty? The project was launched in the 1960s by the CIA’s Directorate of Science and Technology, who planned to use cats to spy on the Kremlin & Soviet embassies. 

They’re hosted by Nate DiMeo who reported on pop culture for NPR’s morning edition. He wrote for NBC’s Parks and Recreation and ABC’s The Astronauts’ Wives Club and is currently the artist-in-residence at The Metropolitan Museum of Art alongside his other accolades. He knows his stuff!

In Our Time

In Our Time is a live BBC masterpiece. Through their talks, they explore a massive range of historical topics. It’s one of the BBC’s most prosperous discussion programs and is said to have, “. . . transformed the landscape for serious ideas at peak listening time”.

You’ll listen to talks about history, philosophy, religion, culture, and science hosted by author & parliamentarian Melvyn Bragg, who earned The Order of the Companions of Honour fellowship from the Royal Society and the British Academy. 

In Our Time gathers a weekly audience exceeding 2 million listeners. 

The History Chicks

The History Chicks want you to know first & foremost that they are not professors of History 101 and there will be no test or pop quizzes! They see history as a great big book and their goal is to introduce their listeners to the female characters whether they’re factual or fictional through their podcasts and shownotes. 

The History Chicks want to do more than just introduce you to their historical subjects – they want to give you a little push, encouraging you to explore and learn more on your own. 

Through their show notes, you’ll get a deep look at the life of the person they’re discussing. The podcast takes you deep into thicker details while they talk about the challenges, failures, successes, times and anything you’ll find captivating about the lives of their subjects. 

Spice up dinnertime talks, help your kids with their history homework, plan a vacation around women who lived long before you – you can still relate to them, and they may have even changed your life. 

Stuff You Missed in History Class

iHeartRadio presents Stuff You Missed in History Class. From the story of Daphne du Mauier, spending time with Dr. Ibram X. Kendi on the talk of being an anti-racist, an ancient cookbook, the Haymarket massacre, to the Tulsa massacre, this historical podcast paints pictures of the past that textbooks never showed us. 

There are many great historical podcasts you’ll love to subscribe to, discussions that absolutely deserve to be on your playlist. Do you have a personal favorite? Let us know down below!

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