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Do you ever stop to wonder how the high life turns out when the stars align differently? Take the story of American actress, Tori Spelling. 

Has Tori Spelling truly lost all her net worth forever? Let’s find out

Do you ever stop to wonder how the high life turns out when the stars align differently? Take the story of American actress, Tori Spelling. 

With a net worth of a cool quarter-million, she’s best known for her role as Donna Martin in the iconic 90s TV series, Beverly Hills, 90210, produced by her legendary father, Aaron Spelling. Tori even graced the screens again in the series’ modern reincarnation. However, her story goes beyond this character.

The twist

Despite being the offspring of one of TV’s richest and most prolific producers, Tori didn’t inherit a hefty portion of her father’s $600 million fortune when he passed in 2006. The lion’s share went to her mother, Candy Spelling. 

Tori only received around $800,000. Financial tensions escalated when Candy allegedly cut Tori off, accusing her of rampant spending. This mother-daughter tangle has weathered many storms, with money often at the heart of their clashes.

Beyond Beverly Hills, 90210, Tori’s career spans television, film, and reality TV. She brought a satirical take on her public image in the sitcom So Notorious, and made her mark in various TV movies for Lifetime and the Hallmark Channel. But it didn’t stop there. 

The downgrade

She plunged into reality TV, starring alongside her husband, Dean McDermott, in Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. Tori’s not just an actress; she’s a bona fide author with several books under her belt, including the New York Times bestseller sTORI Telling. Her entrepreneurial flair even led to the launch of a jewelry line, contributing to her net worth.

In a shocking turn of events, Tori and her five children, shared with her estranged husband, Dean, are believed to be living in a $100-a-night motel in LA. The Beverly Hills, 90210 star was seen leaving the budget lodge with her kids following her split from McDermott, former host of Chopped Canada. This dealt quite the blow to her net worth.

Life hasn’t been kind to the actress recently, with a string of real estate issues. She was compelled to move her family from a rental home earlier this year due to a severe mold infestation that was endangering their health. Ironically, Tori spent her childhood in a $165 million mansion owned by her late father.

Navigating the Storm

Tori’s life took another hit when McDermott announced their separation after 17 years of marriage. Breakup rumors had circulated for years, fueled by the couple being spotted without their wedding rings and Tori admitting they had been sleeping in separate rooms. However, insiders say the split felt sudden, as the couple seemed to be working on their relationship in recent months.

Amid Tori’s impending divorce, her mother, Candy, confirmed she would financially support her daughter despite their strained history. The mother-daughter duo was seen together last September, for the first time in five years. But the question remains, will this financial olive branch help to mend their relationship?

 Is it enough to bring some stability back to Tori’s life? Or, is this just another twist in the tale of a Hollywood star?


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