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Will Harry Styles reunite with Louis Tomlinson on his new album?

Is there anything more nostalgic than Larry Stylinson? if you don’t know what this is you clearly weren’t a One Direction fan or maybe you’re just too old, or young. This was the name of the bromance between Harry Styles & Louis Tomlinson, the two One Direction hotties who stole our hearts with their bond. 

Even though it looks like, after all, it was just pure friendship, countless fanfiction tales were built around these two. In fact, in Euphoria season 1, Kat (Barbie Ferreira) used to write fanfiction about Harry Styles & Louis Tomlinson on the bus on the way to school. But, could you imagine how epic and sentimental it would be to have these two in a song again? 

After Zayn Malik abandoned the band in 2015, the boys climbing a British phone booth started their boyband’s fall. Fortunately, all five members have somehow built careers as soloists, as well as grown personally. Can you believe Louis Tomlinson has a child? But how did Styles & Tomlinson end? Rumor has it they’ll reunite on Harry’s new album. Here’s everything you need to know.

Harry Styles’s new album 

Since 2020, the artist reportedly has been working on new material. Now it’s official, Harry Styles is dropping a new album under the title Harry’s House on May 20th, 2022, which will be the perfect time to score your summer. In February, the former One Direction star was caught in London filming a music video that got fans thrilled about the view of incoming music. 

In July 2021, Styles confirmed a new album was coming soon and even mentioned a stadium tour, and it gets better. According to Style’s team, besides his new album, the “Watermelon Sugar” singer might be dropping new music close to Coachella’s weekend in April. You know how artists love teasing their fans, would he drop an EP? Or follow Rosalía’s strategy by dropping pieces of the album before its release?

Also in February, by the time he was caught doing a video shooting, verified accounts on Twitter & Instagram under the name of “You Are Home” appeared. The Instagram profile currently has nine posts which consist of a graphic of a half-open door with other things in the background. The accounts also contain a link to a web page that has only one graphic of the same door closed.

Larry Stylinson 2022?

The only thing that could make all this better would be Styles having a musical encounter with Tomlinson, yet, things are blurry on this. We know Harry was caught filming a video out of Buckingham Palace with a bed. Yet, the star hasn’t launched any concrete clue of collaborating with Tomlinson, however, it’d all make sense. The public would love it and it would be a total boom. 

Undoubtedly, of the five, Styles has been the most successful in his soloist career,  yet, Louis Tomlinson hasn’t stayed behind. Both Styles & Tomlinson had successfully renewed the pre-pandemic concert tours they put on hold. Also, Styles has reported in interviews with Vogue & Rolling Stone that he owes a lot to One Direction and would completely rejoin someday. 

Even though Styles & Tomlinson’s bond was only friendship, it was something that marked their fans and was somehow disruptive at the moment. With time, queer & polyamorous movements have promoted the idea of decentralizing affections from a romantic & monogamous partner and expanding them instead.

This revolutionary way of loving allows people to live love in a more authentic way, in the end, following the norm only steps people apart from listening to themselves.  Several celebrities like Will & Jada Smith have openly admitted not believing in monogamy, which is important to publicly break the stigma. Yet, romantic love isn’t the only affection that should be deconstructed. 

Who says kisses and general affection should be couple exclusive? Well, Western history & institutions, yet we’re in 2022, and having new public referents for bonding is crucial in order to evolve. A Larry Stylinson comeback would definitely inspire more than fanfiction. 

Were you a Larry Stylinson fan? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • Omg I wasn’t following Harry’s career to closely but I’m a fan of louis and I love the IDEA of larry, but above all I would love for them to be friends again, I hate how they became afraid of going out in public, their friendship and quemestry was amazing and I would love to see them together again!!

    March 29, 2022
  • Amo a Larry Stylinson, me encanta la música de cada uno de los ex’s integrantes de one direction. Yo creo que en su momento no era bien visto que dos personas de mismo sexo se amaran, puede ser que se hayan confundido las cosas y que en realidad eran amigos muy cercanos pero lo vieron de otra forma y eso podría perjudicar la banda, entonces hicieron que los diatancien. Con el paso de los años no se sabe sien en realidad eran buenos amigo, novios o simplemente querían estar juntos pero no los dejaban, pero yo creo que si hacen una colaboración juntos sería un gran boom pero habría muchas críticas también que podrían afectar sus carreras como solistas.

    March 30, 2022
  • Both Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles both hate the Larry Stylinson rumors and have not been seen together or admitted any communication since 2015. They would do NOTHING to rev it up again.

    March 30, 2022

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