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Obviously, we don't need these memes to prove what we already know, but they're just too good to ignore. Laugh at these 'Halloweentown' Twitter memes!

Do these memes prove ‘Halloweentown’ is the best movie?

In 1998, perhaps at the apex of Disney Channel original movies, Disney released the TV film Halloweentown, starring Hollywood legend Debbie Reynolds. The film, while cheesy AF, did cleverly craft a world that was as fun to live in as it was to watch, which is perhaps why fans of the film can actually visit the set in St. Helens, Oregon, every Halloween season. The film’s story goes as follows. 

Marnie and her siblings get a big shock when they follow their grandma home to Halloweentown, discovering they come from a family of witches. The town is the only place where supernatural beings can live a normal life, but danger is brewing, as not only does Marnie learn that she is a witch on her thirteenth birthday, but that she and her family are involved in a fight against the evil that could take over the world.

Naturally, this means we have to find the best Halloweentown memes to commemorate these movies, right? After all, the original film did give Disney reason to greenlight three subsequent sequels. It seems only fair, given that we’re now deep into October to commemorate the OG Halloweentown movie with some of the best memes on Twitter! 

Mask on, mask off

Poor Luke, mirroring today’s societal norms of being willing to trade anything for some good looks. Maybe Halloweentown is really Beverly Hills? 


How did they manage to even mix the two up in the first place? 

Bad writing

Powerful execution, Kalabar. 

Benny the taxi driver

Are these Halloweentown memes annoying you yet

No Marnie, big problem

Go ahead and skip the fourth movie from the franchise. 


How did Debbie Reynolds keep such a straight face during filming these scenes? 

Ok, but back to Marnie . . . 

It seems odd that Disney couldn’t just cut Kimberly J. Brown a big check, right? 

More memes to come? 

There’s simply too much content in these Halloweentown movies for there to be too few memes. Light it up, Twitter! 

In-Schruter alert

Get out of here, Dwight! 

Sam Raimi’s Halloweentown 2

By far the scariest of all the movies . . .

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