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Do you know the trouble of using different styles of font? Laugh over this font memes to really make your day.

Do you use a bad font? These memes scream “yes”

Fonts are a funny thing. There are so many odd ones and yet we writers choose to play it safe, sticking with our familiar Times New Roman or Arial options; unless of course, you were one of those lazy students in high school who opt for Palatino fonts to buy you an extra paragraph worth of space. 

That being said, we all have certain fonts that are synonymous with specific things, like Courier New with a movie script or even Comic Sans for, well, comic books. So, with all of these vastly different fonts for memes, why do we always see Impact as the main font? It’s lazy, loud, and intrusive to the image. Do you feel like we’re making a big deal out of this? It’s because we are. 

So, here we’ll poke fun at font memes as well as commemorate the importance of a good font, here are some of the funnier font memes we found on Twitter! 


Spooky season for font memes

What word do you see? 


America ruins everything 

And Shrek mixed with Monsters Inc. will never not be funny. 


Make an impact 

Not APA or MLA approved, by the way. 


Meme font

Or font memes? 


Gonna need a bigger selection here, Mr. Spock. 

FOOOONNNNNTTTTT! We understand these Star Trek references are all over the place. 


Is that Andy Samberg? 

And how did they get two meme fonts in one meme? We’re in awe. 


Again . . . 

Font matters. 


Captain Kirk

This one really doesn’t have to do with font memes . . . we just love it. 


Rookie mistake

Learn how to better organize your font memes. 



Do you think Pokemon or that one 2000s Britney Spears tour? We seriously doubt you think of font memes. 

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