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When the weekend hits, it's time to imbibe. Deep dive into our list of memes about drinking to help you get ready for a night of debauchery this weekend.

Need to get turnt? Pregame with these memes about drinking

Whether it’s a classy glass of wine before bed or having a few and dancing in the club on a Saturday night, it’s safe to say that most of us are pretty big fans of alcohol. 

If you’re a huge partier who’s sure to be spotted at your local bar or club on the weekend, then we’re sure you’ll relate to our favorite memes about drinking. Without further ado, let’s sit back, sip on your fave alcoholic beverage, and laugh along with us to all the best jokes about alcohol here. 

We love the puns

Get it? Just a “lil buzz”. Haha. 

Walking past a mirror

Hyde perfectly captures the spirit of memes about drinking. 

When the hangover passes

Hopefully, these memes about drinking inspire you to get out there tonight, hangover or not, and live it up. 

Baby steps

This is truly all of us on a night out after staying in for so long. 


This is exactly how it feels to have to walk home after the bar or club. 

That look

These memes about drinking are way too relatable.

Losing your friends

Hey, sometimes alcohol leads to tons of miscommunication. . . 

Lots of fun

What can we say? Best friends that drink together, stick together. . . 

That dangerous line

We all know the night’s about to get wild when you hear the words “I’m down if you’re down”. 

​​One drink

Sometimes we try to speak things into existence. It doesn’t always work.

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