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What is the difference between tonic water and carbonated water? Learn the facts about tonic and how it can improve your health with this article!

5 health benefits of Tonic Water

Tonic water is known as the soft drink that people use to refer to as the carbonated drink. It generally consists of a chemical substance called kinase which makes it a little bit bitter than regular mineral water. It used to be consumed by people to cure certain diseases such as malaria. You will find several premium tonic water brands available around you. 

Most of the soft drink manufacturers produce tonic water. It is generally mixed up with the cocktail drink. The reason it is called tonic water is because of its Quinine content which is known as the preventive substance to fight against malaria.  Tonic water tends to consist of a higher amount of Quinine hence it makes the taste bitter. Hence generally the tonic water is given along with the sugar. 

Most people get confused between soda water and tonic water. There are many differences between these two. Both of these are carbonated waters. Tonic water is considered as the drug while soda water is known to be simply carbonated water. Soda water contains sodium bicarbonate which is useful to mix with alcohol. Here we are going to talk about various health benefits of tonic water. 

Health Benefits for Teeth 

People who consume carbonated water regularly tend to get affected mostly on teeth. Hence it is not recommended for daily consumption. Higher consumption of carbonated drinks can cause teeth to erupt by lowering the pH of the mouth. It can also destroy the enamel of the teeth. Regularly consuming tonic water helps to cause osteoporosis. Tonic water consists of a phosphate acid that softens the hard material such as bone and teeth

For the digestive organ system 

Drinking carbonated water such as tonic water can also help in increasing the metabolism process of the body. Tonic water is known to be useful to cure dyspepsia symptoms and other similar diseases. Most of the other drinks such as wine, soda, and beer can cause several diseases in the stomach. These drinks can also cause prevention for the healing process of chronic cancer.  

To Increase satiety 

Most of the carbonated drinks help people to get satiety for a longer period as compared to the regular mineral water. Even the consumption of sparkling water can cause the food to trap into the first line of the stomach for a longer period. Hence people who consume it feel satisfaction and avoid overheating the food. According to the survey, people tend to feel more full in the stomach after drinking tonic water than mineral water. 

To boost the capability of swallowing the food 

According to some studies, tonic water can also increase the capability of swallowing food in adults. Carbonated water has shown the capability to stimulate the nerve which influences the capability of swallowing function of a human organ. If you are consuming carbonated water during the cold weather then it can be an added benefit for the swallowing purpose. According to the survey 72 people out of 100 experience the benefit of a clear throat after consuming tonic water. 

To fight against the stomach ache 

Carbonated water like tonic water has also shown some tremendous results on stomach-related issues such as gastric. According to the research people who consume tonic water regularly tend to experience fewer issues with the stomach. It also shows the significant difference in the movement of the colon for those who consume the tonic water regularly as compared to the ones who never consume it. 

On a concluding note, tonic water can give immense health benefits in terms of the stomach and overall body functions. Tonic water is not dangerous for health even if someone drinks it on a daily basis. But according to the experts, there is no recommendation for consumption as everyone’s body is different and it can cause adverse effects in some cases. 

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