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Looking forward to the new Christmas movies on Hallmark? Stay tuned and check out our list because the holiday joy is right around the corner!

When will new Christmas movies drop on Hallmark?

The holidays are coming and the world can surely use some festive winter joy! Every year, we look forward to the new Christmas movies on Hallmark. (Or perhaps, you’re more of a classic fan thus prefer to watch the tales of Rudolph, The Little Drummer Boy or even the lesser known The First Christmas: The Story of the First Christmas Snow.) In that case, we completely understand! 

But if there are pumpkin spice variations of the latest treats then it’s officially time to start looking forward to a Hallmark Christmas. Fans can look forward to over forty new Christmas movies on Hallmark. There are still more movies to be announced, and premiere dates to be slated for the anticipated Hallmark holiday ambiance. 

Stay tuned because we can only list just some of these pending titles. Plus, you’ll find out just when we can begin marking our calendars!

You, Me and the Christmas Tree

Coming Friday, October 22 at 8 p.m. ET/PT, You, Me and the Christmas Tree stars Danica McKellar, Benjamin Ayres, and Jason Hervey, the logline reads:

“Olivia is Connecticut’s resident expert on evergreens who, just days before the holiday, agrees to help Jack, a fourth-generation Christmas tree farmer in Avon. A mysterious illness has befallen their firs, causing them to die out and threatening his family’s one-hundred-year business. As Olivia tries to get to the root of the problem and extends her stay in town, she and Jack spend more time together and feelings begin to develop.”

Coyote Creek Christmas

Coyote Creek Christmas will premiere October 30 at 8 p.m. ET/PT, and stars Janel Parrish and Ryan Paevey. Maybe, this masterpiece will take you to a classical love story that somehow never gets old. Maybe, it’ll be nothing like you could’ve imagined. We won’t know for sure until we see it!

“A Christmas Around the World Party helps two people find love at home.”

Open By Christmas

Premiering at the same time on November 5. Any chance you feel like going back in time to the old days of high school? You’ll want to check out Open By Christmas

“When Nicky finds an unopened Christmas card from a high school secret admirer, she and her best friend Simone search to find and thank the anonymous author.”

Next Stop, Christmas

Coming November 6 is Next Stop, Christmas when “Angie wonders what her life would be like if she had married a former boyfriend who became a famous sportscaster. She takes the train home to spend Christmas with her family and inexplicably finds herself ten years in the past. With the advice from the train’s enigmatic conductor, Angie has the chance to revisit and learn what (and who) is truly important to her.”

A Christmas Treasure

A Christmas Treasure will arrive on the Hallmark Channel on November 7. 

“After opening a one-hundred year time capsule and meeting a charming chef, Lou questions whether or not she should move to New York after Christmas and further her writing career.” (Sounds like something that’ll make you think!)

Christmas at Castle Hart

Have you ever imagined yourself celebrating Christmas in a Disney castle? Though no Disney movie, Christmas at Castle Hart might just take you back to that fantasy. 

“Brooke Bennett goes to Ireland for Christmas to search for her Irish roots. While there, she meets Aiden Hart, Earl of Glaslough. Mistaken for an elite event planner, she’s hired to host his castle’s epic Christmas party.”

With numerous other new films to look forward to, stay tuned on the latest info. Share your favorite Christmas movies on Hallmark with us!

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