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Netflix has cancelled yet another great show after just one season. Catch up with the cast of 'Grand Army' to see what they're doing next.

‘Grand Army’ gets axed: How is the cast handling this cancellation?

Netflix gives, and Netflix takes away. The streaming giant has a habit of cancelling beloved shows after a single season. If a show isn’t massively popular, or shockingly inexpensive to produce, Netflix doesn’t tend to give it a second chance. The cast & fans of Grand Army are facing this sad fact now. Netflix just took the ax to that show’s second season. Variety first broke the news of Netflix’s decision.

Grand Army was created by Katie Cappiello, who loosely based the series on her 2013 stage show Slut: The Play. All nine episodes of Grand Army aired on October 16th, 2020. Eight months later, Netflix said that season two would be a no-go.

As is the case with many cancelled Netflix shows, Grand Army has a small but passionate fan base that is deeply disappointed by the new development. What about the show inspired so much love, and where will the Grand Army cast go next? We’ve got all the details for you, right here.

Welcome to Grand Army High

The Netflix series takes place in and around a public high school in Brooklyn, New York. Grand Army High School is home to all the usual suspects of a teen drama. What really sets the show apart is its willingness to explore how uncomfortable issues like racism, homophobia, and rape culture impact the lives of modern-day teenagers.

Grand Army recruited a number of young actors & actresses to its main cast. The show centers on the lives of five students attending Grand Army High. Odessa A’zion leads the cast as Joey Del Marco. Odley Jean plays fan-favorite Dominique Pierre. Amir Bageria plays the closeted Siddhartha “Sid” Pakam. Maliq Johnson portrays Jayson Jackson from Spanish Harlem, and Amalia Yoo reprises her role from Slut: The Play.

Fans of Grand Army loved the show’s diversity and true-to-life presentation of teens at the intersection of multiple identities. The show’s writing was occasionally criticized as being overwrought & melodramatic, but the cast received heaps of praise. Unfortunately, they weren’t enough to convince Netflix to greenlight a second season.

Where to go?

Disheartened fans have taken to Twitter to express their feelings towards Netflix’s decision. Other cancelled shows in recent years have sparked revival campaigns, but we’ve all been down this road with Netflix before. Once they end a show’s run, they rarely ever rethink their decision.

Many of Grand Army’s cast members are new faces on television. Amalia Yoo previously starred in the play that serves as Grand Army’s source material, but this was her first on-screen credit. Likewise, Grand Army was Odley Jean’s first screen role. Maliq Johnson has been in a handful of movies & shows, so fans can expect to be seeing him again before too long. Amir Bageria is at the beginning of a promising acting career.

Odessa A’zion is the only Grand Army cast member with upcoming on-screen projects currently in the works. She has roles in two films, For the Night & The Inhabitant that are currently filming. Fans can also expect to see her in Andrew Gori’s Hell House and Sam Hayes’s Pools. Both of those films are currently in the pre-production stage of development.

Because of their tremendous talent and the critical reception to their performances, this won’t be the last time any of the Grand Army cast members are featured in a television role. Netflix hasn’t said anything about casting the actors in other upcoming projects, but fans are certainly crossing their fingers and hoping for the best. It’s always a sad day when Netflix cancels a show, but there’s always another one just around the corner.

Were you disappointed that Netflix wasn’t willing to give Grand Army a shot at a second season? Tell us how you feel in the comments.

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