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if you’re like us, you might have been disappointed when there wasn’t a Met Gala this year. Here are some equally stylish yet funny cat pictures to help.

Funny cat pictures: These stylish felines look absolutely purr-fect

The Met Gala is one day of the year where even people who aren’t in the know about the latest styles care about fashion. So, if you’re like us, you might have been disappointed when there wasn’t a Met Gala this year.

We now have the next best thing, however. Cats. No, not the terrifying musical movie. We mean the furry purring felines that enjoy tripping you up when you grab a can. It’s okay if you’re not yet convinced these funny kitties are stylish – we have a list of pictures to prove it to you.

From a past life

These two cats might be from the wrong century, but there’s no doubt they were the most fashionable in a past life, and today.

Bow ties are cool

This dapper fellow is ready to go to the dance with his date. Will you be his date?

Sensitive eyes

This cat is cooler than any human person. What’s funny though, is he knows it.

Pretty in pink

They don’t call it the catwalk for no reason – and this little lady is ready to walk down it.

Top hat

His owner must be taking pictures of him daily, because that is one handsome kitty.

A man in uniform

Good work admiral!


If you weren’t paying attention you could confuse this for a picture of Disney princesses.

How do you do y’all?

This southern belle of a feline looks about ready to offer some sweet tea and ask about your parents.

College kid cat

This cat looks as if he’s ready to go buy a pair of $200 sneakers and then meet up with his friends at the expensive sushi bar downtown.


You think this is funny? She’s about to declare, “Off with your head!”

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