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Need something to chase away the sequestration blues? Here are some funny cat memes to help get you through quarantine.

Check out these funny cat memes to help you through quarantine

Need something to chase away the sequestration blues? Here are some funny cat memes to get you through. We find that Grumpy Cat, in particular, is a real picker-upper. 

Who can be more gloomy than that guy? Sometimes it’s good to compare yourself to others. Everyone’s Ronald-McDonald-level happy compared to Grumpy Cat. Here’s some extra funny cat memes to help you through quarantine.

Hands up!

Also, how people trying to get milk may feel if their area is on lockdown. “I swear, officer! They said we could still get groceries!” 

Getting those steps in 

Now that jogging or taking a walk in the great outdoors is the only place, people, social distancing are allowed to go, maybe we’ll reach our summer body goals. 

When your Wi-Fi is out 

God bless anyone whose Wi-Fi goes out in the current climate. 

Sister opinions

When you’ve spent too much time with your sister in quarantine. . . or, you know, any other normal day. 

Who, me?

Parents whose children have suddenly transitioned to virtual school experience this more than ever now. 

Paper waster 

This behavior used to be mildly cute, but is now high treason since toilet paper is in short supply. Watch out, kitties. You might suddenly find you’re an “outside cat.” 

April Fools’ Day 

How anyone with children felt yesterday. . .

Such a cute reconciliation 

D’awh! It’s a cat and dog meme rolled into one! The best kind.

When your cat is cheering the coronavirus on

Hopefully, your cat doesn’t feel this way about you right now. 

Highest level of annoyance calculations 

Here’s hoping your cat isn’t being this annoying while you’re cooped up with it. For more reading, check out this article that features over 100 hysterical cat puns.

We hope these funny cat memes made your day.

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    June 13, 2020
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