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Real UFOs exist. Yet, are there really aliens? That’s what’s really up for debate. Are these stories real or just crazy Florida people?

Real UFOs or crazy Florida people? You decide

Real UFOs exist. Yet, are there really aliens? That’s what’s really up for debate. Until we get total confirmation that intelligent life on other planets exist and have been visiting earth, this will just be a never-ending argument. Embrace it and prepare to fight over it for years to come. Despite the debate, there are plenty of real UFO sightings out there.

Most recently? Florida. Honestly, that’s not a huge surprise to anyone. Let’s all be real for a second. Out of all of the States, Florida will probably be the one that gets invaded by aliens first. If aliens do exist, we’ll probably find out they were living in Florida. 

Would you be surprised? Probably not. People in Florida, however, have been seeing things in the sky that they can’t explain. Is it real UFOs, or just Florida? Because either option is honestly valid. Here’s what we know. 

What’s going on?

According to the National UFO Reporting Center, hundreds of people filed reports claiming to see real UFOs, or what they think are real UFOs. Florida, believe it or not, is usually in the bottom five for sightings. Maybe because the people there are so weird that the aliens don’t want anything to do with them. 

Floridians, however, filed 5,585 reports with the National UFO Reporting Center. Oh boy, there have been some interesting stories buried in the reports for the past year. A lot of these reports were filed prior to the news about the Pentagon creating a special UFO task force to investigate the infamous tapes of Navy pilots encountering UFOs.

It bears mentioning because with that story in the news, people would think any uptick in UFO sightings would be because people had that story on the brain. It’s the whole Blue Car principle, you start thinking about blue cars and thus you see them everywhere.

What do the reports say?

If you’re looking for a way to kill time in quarantine, then you definitely can do so by reading about real UFO sightings from the National UFO Reporting Center’s site. There are a couple of really interesting stories shared though. One of the most fascinating comes from Gainesville.

The reporter said that on June 29, they saw what looked like a shooting star. They described the following: “Coming downward until it turned to a teardrop with a fire tail. Then it stopped and started to pulsate a very bright light. After it dropped for a second it then hovered. After 10 to 15 pulsates it disappeared.”

Another resident from Weeki Wache saw saucers on June 13. “They were bright and one of them was purple. They lasted about 45 minutes in the sky. I was looking North from my window.”

So is it real UFOs or, you know, Florida being Florida?

As with most UFO sightings, take some of them with a grain of salt. After all, some people just feel the need to make stuff up because they think reporting about aliens will be funny. People in quarantine do some dumb stuff as well. Plus, you know, we all know the Florida Man headlines. 

Despite this, with over 5,000 reports, some of them definitely have to be genuine in terms of people seeing something. In the end it comes down to what you think is really up in the sky out there, you know?

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