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Ah, the Florida man. Here are some quality and hilarious Florida man memes that prove the Florida Man is pandemic proof.

Celebrate Florida Man surviving the pandemic with these memes

Ah, the Florida man. This semi-mythical figure is simultaneously the dumbest, weirdest, and wildest man that you’ve ever seen in your life. No wonder Florida man memes are the internet’s bread and butter when talking about Florida, the Australia of America. And by that, we mean that Florida is weird and full of things that want you dead! Granted, there are no bird-eating spiders, but . . . that’s a low bar to cross.

While Florida hasn’t been the best at handling the pandemic, look at all those filled-up beaches, the Florida man continues doing what that mythical figure does: making us wonder ‘what the hell, Florida’? Here are some quality Florida man memes that prove the Florida Man is pandemic proof.

1. There is (1) sane Florida Man

Should he have slapped someone? No. But the real criminal is the woman who was smoking while pregnant. Listen, you do you, but also consider the fetus, okay?

2. Technically, he’s not wrong

And this is why we were face masks now, people.

3. The wizard just gave him drugs, right?

So this is the only time when “a wizard did it” is a viable excuse, huh?

4. Swans are dicks, but also don’t abuse animals

“Beautiful swan” until the swan tries to bite you with its creepy teeth. 

5. That’s one way to show mom, I guess?

You got out of her house, but you’re also going to jail. So really . . . you won nothing.

6. Like the energy here, not gonna lie

Don’t kill people, of course. But . . . still it’s not bad energy to want to kill child molesters. There’s a reason why people go after them in prison.

7. Has Florida man passed the torch?

Behold! Proof that the Florida man spirit is not confined to America. 

8. W-H-Y

This is why no one likes you sometimes, Florida.

9. Pretty sure he wanted your hand, not the bagel

Fun fact about alligators! They’re gluten-free. So just don’t feed them either way, okay? (Note: Alligators are not gluten-free.) 

10. Florida Grim Reaper is the other sane Florida man

He’s not the hero we deserve, but he’s definitely who we need. Do the Lord’s work, Florida Grim Reaper.

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