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Fandor names Jared Leto as Chief Creative Officer

Academy Award-winner Jared Leto has been named the new Chief Creative Officer of streaming platform Fandor.

The news comes as Leto’s own company, VyRT, was also acquired by Fandor. VyRT, based in Los Angeles and founded by the actor, was established to explore the “creative possibilities between content and social”.

Leto’s new role will be “integral in establishing the creative voice that defines Fandor”, says a statement issued by the company. The Dallas Buyers Club actor will provide ongoing creative input for the platform, as well as host one of its live streaming events later in the year.

“As a long-time Fandor subscriber I developed a special appreciation for their distinctive programming and recommendation engine. Specifically, the ‘human element’ that sets Fandor apart from so many other services in this space, most of which are purely algorithmic”, said Leto.

“With my involvement in the broadcasting and social platform business for over 5 years with my company, VyRT, I’m very much looking forward to this collaboration and know I can bring a unique perspective [to it]”, he added.

Fandor is facing mounting competition in the streaming market, facing off against the likes of Mubi and FilmStruck, who also offer a curated library to their subscribers. Having completed a $7 million round of funding in 2015, primarily backed by premium cable network Starz, Fandor is aiming high once again. Part of the plan includes a “major redesign of its site” and an “amping up” on their sponsorship activity.

“Jared brings his love of movies, his passion for music, and his keen eye to Fandor’s audience”, comments Larry Aidem, President & CEO of Fandor. “Having worked for Robert Redford for a decade, I’m struck by Jared’s similarly multi-dimensional artistry – actor, filmmaker, musician, producer – and remarkably broad fan base . . . not to mention his tech chops.”

Fandor is a subscription-based streaming platform boasting nearly 6,000 award-winning and independently produced titles from around the world, classics to festival favourites.

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