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First comes madam, then comes magician, then comes. . .baby? Read this 'Ten Tricks' review to figure how this odd family comes together!

The colossal conglomerate Disney is just about to drop its streaming service, Disney+. Here’s everything we know about it and why it’s such a big deal.

Instead of fawning over the next Marvel movie or the 'Star Wars' suckfest, check out some of the indie features on Fandor that are sure to be thought-provoking

In the same week Cannes announced a ban on Netflix Originals, evident industry purist Steven Spielberg also offered a glib criticism of Netflix, the quality of its movies,

Academy Award-winner Jared Leto has been named the new Chief Creative Officer of streaming platform Fandor. The news comes as Leto’s own company, VyRT, was also acquired by Fandor.