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Tron: Ares is shaping up to be the ultimate cyber experience. What's the cast hiding in secret? Look at the details now!

Just how many cameos does ‘Tron 3’ need in order to stay relevant?

Are you ready for the ultimate digital showdown in the sci-fi universe? Brace yourselves, because Disney’s third installment in the Tron series, Tron: Ares, is revving up its code, with fresh faces and familiar talents gearing up to wow audiences.

Adding a punch of indie power to this highly-anticipated release are Greta Lee, who dazzled audiences in A24’s critically acclaimed Past Lives, and Jodie Turner-Smith, the versatile actress known for her roles in Queen & Slim and After Yang. These two formidable talents are joining the star-studded cast alongside Jared Leto and Evan Peters.

Joachim Rønning, known for his impressive work on Maleficent: Mistress of Evil and Kon-Tiki, is set to direct this epic digital adventure. Does Tron 3 appear to live up to the hype so far? Let’s find out. 

Returning characters

Tron 3 finally has a real name. In Tron: Ares, Greta Lee steps into the shoes of a brilliant video game programmer and co-CEO of a major technology company, bringing a powerful female presence to the frontlines of the film. Jodie Turner-Smith’s role, while shrouded in mystery, promises to leave a significant mark on the movie.

Just as intriguing as Turner-Smith’s undisclosed role are the plot details. According to THR, Jared Leto stars as Ares, an omniscient computer program that somehow bridges the gap between the digital and real worlds. This continues the thrilling narrative of the previous Tron installments, both of which centered on characters being pulled into the electrifying, virtual world of video games.

The script for Tron: Ares, penned by Jesse Wigutow and Jack Thorne, pays homage to the groundbreaking computer-animated legacy of the original Tron. Released in 1982, the initial movie became a cult classic and a testament to the potential of computer-generated imagery on the silver screen.

The cast

The sequel, Tron: Legacy, which featured Jeff Bridges from the original cast and was directed by Top Gun: Maverick filmmaker Joseph Kosinski, raked in a cool $400 million worldwide. It was particularly celebrated for its electrifying score by Daft Punk, and this new installment seeks to ride that wave of success.

As Lee and Turner-Smith prepare to go digital, let’s take a quick look back at their impressive journeys so far. Lee, apart from her stunning performance in Past Lives, has voiced characters in the Spider-Verse movies and is recognized for her roles in Russian Doll and The Morning Show.

Turner-Smith, a true force to be reckoned with, will be appearing in the upcoming Disney+ Star Wars series The Acolyte. Her filmography includes noteworthy performances in Murder Mystery 2 and White Noise.

Final countdown

As we gear up to return to the iconic digital landscape of Tron, the arrival of such formidable talents like Lee and Turner-Smith only ramps up the excitement. With an indie touch, a legendary franchise, and the Disney magic, Tron: Ares is shaping up to be the ultimate cyber experience. 

But with so much anticipation and so little revealed about the plot, we can’t help but wonder: who else will join this cast, and how will the story evolve in this technicolor world of the future? Only time will tell! Are you ready to log in?


Do you think Tron 3 will be what we all want it to be? Let us know below!

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