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The nightmarish revelations never end. Brace yourself for more damning testimonies from the victims of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

More horror: How Ghislaine Maxwell tortured Jeffrey Epstein’s victims

Things were relatively calm on the Jeffrey Epstein/Ghislaine Maxwell front, with one being dead and the other awaiting her trial in July. However, the pot has been stirred again. Court documents from a previous lawsuit against Maxwell have been unsealed, and they reveal even more horrific allegations against the couple.

As you would expect from any chapter in the Jeffrey Epstein saga, this is all pretty sordid stuff.

Giuffre v. Maxwell

Virginia Giuffre was one of the many women contacted by authorities back in 2007 in regards to Jeffrey Epstein’s sex-trafficking ring. Giuffre was a victim of Epstein’s during her teenage years, and her testimony was part of the case the FBI built against Epstein during his first trial.

Even though Jeffrey Epstein was eventually convicted of sex trafficking, his victims were disappointed by the plea deal he obtained. Like many of the other women abused by Epstein, Virginia Giuffre filed a civil lawsuit against him in 2009. Giuffre also accused Ghislaine Maxwell of recruiting her to a life of being sexually trafficked while she was a minor.

Jeffrey Epstein settled with his victims for undisclosed amounts. The legal battle between Virginia Giuffre & Ghislaine Maxwell grew more complicated, with suits & countersuits regarding defamation. Giuffre & Maxwell eventually settled under seal in 2017. Ghislaine Maxwell reportedly ended up coughing up millions as part of the settlement.


Much to Ghislaine Maxwell’s chagrin, the court documents pertaining to her feud with Virginia Giuffre have been unsealed. We’re talking about thousands of pages chock-full of disturbing allegations involving Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein, and their victims. Despite being heavily redacted, the legal transcripts paint a horrifying picture of Epstein & Maxwell’s illegal activities.

The records confirm Ghislaine Maxwell’s position as someone who procured young girls for Jeffrey Epstein. Maxwell would then assist Epstein with grooming his victims for sex trafficking. The transcripts contain a damning testimony from a witness who watched Maxwell “direct a room full of underage girls to kiss, dance, and touch one another in a sexual way” for Epstein & Maxwell’s pleasure.

The same witness, an unnamed employee of Jeffrey Epstein’s, apparently broke down in tears while recounting another incident. In it, Ghislaine Maxwell brought a fifteen-year-old girl to Epstein after stealing the girl’s passport. The distressed teenager told the unnamed witness about Maxwell’s efforts & threats to try to get her to have sex with Epstein.

Barrage of allegations

The incriminating testimonies aren’t limited to just one witness. The unsealed documents contain allegations from a woman who was directly recruited by Ghislaine Maxwell from her school campus. There’s also a witness who testified Maxwell would call him to ask for “young girls she would provide to Epstein.”

The records also show two witnesses who were originally subpoenaed for Maxwell’s defense ended up jumping ship and supporting Giuffre. One of them stated he witnessed Maxwell “escort young girls he brought over to Epstein’s home to Epstein for sex acts.”

Victoria Giuffre’s ex-boyfriend, Anthony Figueroa, also makes an appearance in the transcripts. Figueroa contributes lots of graphic details about how Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell treated their victims – specifically his ex-girlfriend. Figueroa basically shared with the FBI & court anything he remembered Giuffre telling him back in the day.


For her part, Ghislaine Maxwell remains adamant in her innocence claims. She says she had no idea about Jeffrey Epstein’s illegal activities, much less helped him find victims. According to Maxwell, she found out all about it the same way we all did: through the news.

At any rate, the testimonies from the unsealed documents are a welcome development for Ghislaine Maxwell’s accusers. With six months left until Maxwell’s trial, who knows what else is left for us to find out?

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