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Do you want to know what happened on Epstein's island? Here’s a list of Jeffrey Epstein's alleged kinks which have been revealed.

Inside the island: Jeffrey Epstein’s creepy kinks revealed

Jeffrey Epstein’s court documents, revealed last week, gave us more details about some of the late convicted pedophile’s kinks. These documents came to light last Thursday as part of Ghislaine Maxwell’s ongoing trial, which began in 2011.

The information in Maxwell’s court documents match details in the victims’ accusations. Several of Virginia Giuffre’s details about her time with Epstein appear in her memoir The Billionaire’s Playboy Club, and are confirmed with Maxwell’s court documents. Virginia is one of many victims who accused Epstein & Maxwell of sexual abuse.

In the docuseries Filthy Rich, some of Epstein’s victims talked about their experience being abused by the billionaire. Their testimonies helped unveil a sex trafficking ring involving famous personalities including Prince Andrew. Victims’ stories have gained strength thanks to Ghislaine Maxwell’s documents, which include details of Epstein & Maxwell’s fetishes.

We gathered information about Epstein’s kinks, which were brought to light with the release of Maxwell’s court documents. Here’s a list of the alleged kinks so you can judge for yourself.

Pink sheets

According to Virginia Giuffre and the newly released documents, Epstein had a preference for pink bed sheets. Giuffre stated in her memoir that he confessed to liking this color because it reminded him of female genitalia.

Giuffre also describes an occasion in which Epstein hid her under pink sheets when Alan Dershowitz, one of Epstein’s close friends, entered the room unannounced. Dershowitz contradicts Giuffre’s claims and continues to deny knowing about Epstein’s crimes.

Naked women portraits

We already knew Epstein’s townhouse is filled with questionable decor, including (but not limited to) several pictures of naked women. Apparently, giant portraits of naked women were a common feature of Epstein’s properties. 

A former IT employee reported Epstein’s house in New Mexico had a huge portrait of Maxwell with her legs open. The ex-employee stated the amount of details in the portrait suggests Maxwell was posing for it.

Sex toys

Juan Alessi, Epstein’s former butler, reported finding different sex toys in Epstein’s Florida property. The toys included double-ended dildos and “shiny black costumes”. Alessi recalls finding the sex toys in the bedroom and picking them up with gloves to get them rinsed.

Giuffre has claimed Epstein and Maxwell had latex outfits for the girls they abused. She also mentioned Maxwell preferred them wearing a schoolgirl outfit.


Court documents of Giuffre’s case show Epstein had several books about sadomasochism. As part of the filings, there’s an Amazon receipt for books titled SM 101: A Realistic Introduction, SlaveCraft: Roadmaps for Erotic Servitude, and Training With Miss Abernathy: A Workbook for Erotic Slaves and Their Owners.

In one of Giuffre’s interviews, she claims Epstein constantly showed interest in role-playing, as well as including bondage outfits while abusing the minors. Both the books and the sex toys found in Epstein’s property support Giuffre’s claims.

Epstein’s requests

Shawna Rivera, who was only fourteen when she was abused by Epstein, recalls Epstein’s request during one of the massages he asked the girls to perform on him. Epstein told Shawna to pinch his nipples as hard as she could.

Another victim, Johanna Sjoberg, said Epstein requested to have three orgasms a day. Sjoberg has previously stated she was asked to perform sexual massages on Jeffrey Epstein and was punished when she didn’t make him orgasm.

Epstein’s type

As part of Epstein & Maxwell’s sex trafficking ring, they asked the girls they abused to recruit others. Giuffre described Epstein looked for white girls, or “exotic” if they were from a non-white race. She was also asked to look for young girls with a fun personality.

While some girls were recruited by Maxwell herself, others were brought in by other girls who were being abused too. With this pyramid scheme method, Epstein & Maxwell were able to keep their sex ring growing constantly. While we’re still unsure of how many girls were abused by Epstein & Maxwell – estimations suggest the number of victims ranges from a few dozen to up to a hundred victims.

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