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Emma Roberts is officially a mom! She had welcomed a baby boy into the world. Learn his name and a whole bunch of other deets right here.

Emma Roberts is a new mom: Learn the details about her new baby boy

Emma Roberts hasn’t really kept her pregnancy a secret – ever since an initial Instagram post in August that was used to announce she and her partner Garrett Hedlund were expecting a baby boy. Roberts has posted all kinds of cute pregnancy pics and even took over the cover of Cosmo in a pink crop top & matching skirt that showed off her baby bump.

Now, reports are saying that Roberts has recently given birth to a healthy baby boy and everyone is doing just fine! 🎉 Although, neither Roberts nor Hedlund have officially announced this on social media.

Here’s everything you could want to know about Emma Roberts’s pregnancy & delivery . . . and maybe even a little bit more.

About the baby

It’s believed that Roberts gave birth on Sunday – December 27th and that her son has been named Rhodes.

Not much is currently known about the child, or whether new mom, Emma Roberts, has any intention of posting pictures of Rhodes to Instagram. She has posted plenty of images of her pregnancy, but she’s already used to the spotlight of fame.

Many celebs like to try to avoid thrusting media attention on their young children, and the first step is to keep their kids off of their social media as much as possible. It’s possible Roberts may take this route. (Or she’s just understandably exhausted from caring for a new human.)

Fertility concerns

Believe it or not Emma Roberts was concerned becoming a mom wasn’t going to be easy for her. In the issue of Cosmo she adorns the cover of, she opens up about finding out not terribly long ago that she had undiagnosed endometriosis. Because it hadn’t been diagnosed, it had actually affected her fertility.

Her doctor recommended either freezing her eggs or considering other options for contraception and becoming a parent. Roberts described the moment saying, “When I found out about my fertility, I was kind of stunned. It felt so permanent”.

Luckily it seems that everything has worked out for Roberts & Hedlund with the best possible outcome!

Wanting to be a mom

Roberts has pretty much always wanted to be a mom. She recalls in an interview that at age sixteen she had figured she’d be married and a mom by the age of twenty-four. In all honesty, she didn’t miss her goal by much – she’s currently twenty-nine years old.

She said, “At sixteen, I thought, By the time I’m twenty-four, I’ll be married with kids. And then I was twenty-four and I was like, Remember when I said I would be married with kids by now? With work, especially with acting – the travel, the hours – it’s not always conducive to settling down in a traditional way.”

“I’m responsible for this child’s world & memories, and I want to make it all wonderful.”

Accidental announcement

Apparently over the summer there was a bit of a mix-up on the internet. Before Emma Roberts or Garrett Hedlund were able to make their happy announcement on Instagram, Roberts’s mom accidentally confirmed the pregnancy. Oops! 😳

On Jimmy Kimmel Live Roberts explains that it all started when she got her mom an iPhone – “the worst thing [she] ever did”. At first it was just her mom looking up celeb gossip about her daughter, but then she got an Instagram.

Not only did Roberts’s mom get catfished, but before the official pregnancy announcement Roberts’s mom was thanking her daughter’s fans for all the well wishes regarding her daughter’s pregnancy. At one point Emma Roberts even blocked her mom on Instagram. (They’ve since made up from their fight and her mom is no longer blocked.)

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