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Kim Scott, the ex-wife of Eminem recently was hospitalized due to a suicide attempt. Why Eminem & Kim Scott are a couple that should've never been.

Eminem and Kim Scott: Why did his ex-wife end up in hospital?

Kim Scott, the annually criticized ex-wife of Slim Shady himself Eminem was reportedly recently hospitalized for a mental evaluation after a police standoff and suicide attempt, says TMZ. Scott, the subject of many Eminem diss tracks, supposedly had the cops called on her on July 30th in Michigan, where workers were asked to help a “suicidal person”, the police told TMZ

Reportedly, when the authorities arrived at the scene, Scott was combative and had to be restrained due to her violent actions, making it difficult for paramedics to assess her vitals after suffering multiple lacerations. Eventually, she was sent to the hospital for both a mental & physical evaluation before being sent back to her home. It’s unclear whether or not Kim Scott is seeking further help, but we hope she does.  

Of course, Kim Scott is famous for dating the rapper Eminem, even marrying the “Without Me” singer twice in the 1990s and 2006, as well as welcoming a baby daughter Hailie together in 1995. This relationship has served as much material for Eminem’s hits, but isn’t the sole focus of his impressive twenty-year career. Care to learn more about the real Slim Shady? This looks like a job for us

Marshall Mathers

Born on October 17, 1972, in Missouri, Eminem learned of his interest in music as a young teenager, sneaking with his buddy to a nearby high school lunchroom where he would participate in rap battles, admittedly studying the dictionary so he would have access to a larger scale of words to add to his verses. #nerd

Dropping his first album in 1996, titled Infinite, for the independent Web Entertainment label at F.B.T. Productions, Eminem would go on to receive much criticism for the efforts of his first album, getting little on-air time from Detroit disc jockeys while working as a dishwasher on the side in order to support his daughter, Hailie. 

Would the real Slim Shady please stand up?

Earning the attention of rapper & music producer Dr. Dre after a second-place finish at the 1997 Los Angeles Rap Olympics, Eminem went on to develop his second studio album in 1999, The Slim Shady LP, with tracks featuring Eminem’s Slim Shady persona, a character full of anger and hate at the world that best communicated his real-life struggles through rap lyrics. 

The Slim Shady LP sold an estimated 10 million copies worldwide, earning Eminem much attention from rap audiences across the globe and creating a stage for himself in which he would be ignored no longer. 

His follow-up album, 2000’s The Marshall Mathers LP, went on to double The Slim Shady LP in sales, selling an estimated 22 million albums worldwide. 

Movie career

Dipping his toe into a new pool of opportunity, Eminem would go on to star in a loose biopic of his own life endeavors, 8 Mile, a film about a Detroit rapper who’s starving for an opportunity, ready to escape the life he feels trapped in and is prepared to do so by any means necessary.

The 2002 film was generally well-received by its audiences, even going on to earn an Academy Award for the original song “Lose Yourself”, performed by Eminem himself.

Eminem’s surprising on-screen charisma led to many studios and directors’ interest in working with the rapper, leaving audiences with a pleasant surprise when they would see the music icon pop up in cameo roles in films such as Funny People, The Interview, and The Wash

A lasting legacy

Did you know Eminem was actually the best-selling artist of the 2000s, selling more than 32.2 million albums and beating artists such as Usher & NSYNC? Spoiler alert: “Bye Bye Bye” to that boy band’s future.

Well, he did, going on to eventually earn forty-three Grammy nominations and winning fifteen of them, and while the rapper has laid somewhat low these past few years, hopefully, he’ll give us plenty more good music in the future, so long as he and Kim don’t decide to remarry . . . clearly a toxic move for both of them. 

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