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Famous Rappers are some of the most well-paid celebs. Here's a closer look at Lil Durk's net worth and the highest-paid rappers of this year.

Lil Durk’s net worth and the top 10 highest paid rappers of 2022

Famous Rappers are some of the most well-paid celebs. Chains & designer urban outfits which characterize the rapper’s style are definitely not cheap, but which artist can actually afford that? Although not all rappers can lead a wealthy lifestyle, if they do, it’s interesting to analyze their background, which is most of the time a self-made success story.

Yet, when it comes to net worth, it’s important to have in mind that most wealthy figures from the music industry usually count on other assets besides their art. Kanye West is a great example, though he’s a great musician (despite his politically incorrect discourses) we all know his billions come from other places aside from his music. The same happened to Rihanna who is more a businesswoman than an artist.

In this article, we’ll analyze Lil Durk’s net worth, and in order to give 2022 a last goodbye, we’ll rank the ten highest-paid rappers of this year. As you might know, in Film Daily our specialties are knowing celebs’ net worth, getting the best web pages for free streaming, and always keeping you updated. 2023 is still not here but we’re already preparing to give you the best content, stay tuned. 

Lil Durk’s net worth 

According to celebrity net worth, Lil Durk holds an eight-million-dollar fortune,  but how did he get there?  Durk is an American rapper, and founder of the record label OTF (Only the Family). Lil Durk gained popularity in 2013 following the release of his mixtape series Signed to the Streets, which opened the door for a record deal with Def Jam. Several rap discourses lead to the streets and this isn’t the exception.

In fact, Lil Durk has a complex background involving crime, gangs, and habiting the streets. Durk became a father for the first time when he was only seventeen which made him drop out of high school and join a street gang in Chicago called the Black Disciples. As soon as all that happened, he started to get in trouble with the law with several gun charges as well as aggravated unauthorized use of a weapon.

The truth is a millionaire’s net worth isn’t built in one day, in fact, Durk started to make music in 2011 but he was then put in jail. Luckily, as we mentioned before,  by 203 things changed for Lil Durk. In 2016 his second studio album reached the fourth position on the US Rap chart, fifth place on the US R&B/Hip-Hop chart, and the Twentynine position on the Billboard 200 chart. 

Highest-paid rappers of 2022

Although we can consider Lil Durk a successful history due to the background he comes from, the truth is he’s far from being the wealthiest rapper. But which are the rappers with the highest net worth? Here’s all you need to know from lower to higher. In tenth place, we have the iconic Ice Cube with a net worth of $160 million. Followed by Lil Wayne ($170 million) and Master P ($200 million). 

In the seventh position, we found Eminem with a $230 million net worth, followed by Pharrel Williams with $250 million and Andre “Dr. Dre” Young with $400 million. This is when it starts to get interesting, in the fourth position we have Berner with $410 million followed by Kanye West, who couldn’t miss this list with $500 million. We find Sean “Diddy” Combs in the penultimate position with $1 billion.

And last but definitely not least, we have talented Jay Z, who as of 2022 registered a $1.3 billion net worth. He’s currently one of the richest rappers in the world and became wealthy not only through music but by his business strategies.

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