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Would you title a movie based on the late Mac Miller 'Good News'? Dive into the strange choice and how Miller's family is reacting to the film.

‘Good News’: Why does Mac Miller’s brother hate this upcoming movie?

Young white rappers, controversy, and loosely-based biopics came back to the news last week, nearly twenty years after 8 Mile solidified Eminem’s spot in pop culture history forever. However, it’s 2021 and there’s a whole slew of new issues surrounding millennial & Gen Z hip-hop icons, and last week the story turned to the late Mac Miller as well as rising star Machine Gun Kelly.

The buzz is all about a new movie Machine Gun Kelly is bringing to audiences about an up-and-coming hip hop artist who deals with personal struggles in his search for fame & fortune. The story focuses on a fictional character, but some found the premise to ring too familiar to certain artists gone too soon. One of such people was Mac Miller’s brother, who had some thoughts about MGK’s new film last week.

Good News

E! Online reported last week that Machine Gun Kelly received some flak for the title of his upcoming movie.

The criticism came from the brother of the late Mac Miller, who took to social media to express some thoughts about an upcoming film. The brother, Miller McCormick, didn’t name names, but essentially subtweeted Kelly in his Instagram stories about the new movie.

Reports say on Thursday, July 1st, Miller took to Insta writing, “f–k you. f–k your movie. at least change the title”. What title, you ask? Machine Gun Kelly’s new movie had recently released the tentative title for the film, Good News, sparking a response from Miller’s brother. To those not in the know, Good News was the first posthumous single Mac dropped from the January 2020 album Circles

Before long, the upcoming film’s production company Rivulet Media spoke to E! in response to McCormick’s statement.


Rivulet told E! its upcoming movie is not based on any particular artist and reminded audiences the film will be a work of fiction. Furthermore, the production company got in front of the controversy surrounding the film, promising audiences they would nix “Good News” as the title.

The company is quoted saying, “Our film is about a fictional musician on the rise with a troubled life . . . it’s not in any way a biopic or based on any artist’s true life. We realize the title, which was intended as an homage to Mac Miller, and other artists gone too soon, feels disrespectful. We’ve heard from many people on social media who have found offense with the title so, without hesitation, we will change it”.

The production company didn’t make any specific reference to Mac’s brother Miller and his comments, but we can only imagine his voice was one of the most important ones they heard regarding the title. However, Mac Miller isn’t the only artist the film intends to pay homage to. The upcoming film’s director told publications some other artists were on his mind when putting the film together.


The director for the now untitled film project told Deadline back in June that the film will take inspiration from many gen z hip hop artists gone too soon. The director, Tim Sutton, said the movie will draw from real-life stories of artists like Lil Peep, Pop Smoke, and Juice Wrld.

Machine Gun Kelly will continue to brush up his acting chops in Sutton’s upcoming film, and production is set to start later this July. Kelly hasn’t responded to the controversy surrounding the film’s title on his social media accounts, so we’ll have to wait & see if the artist has anything to say about his starring role in the upcoming film.

What’s your favorite track off of Good News? Let us know in the comments below!

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