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'The Ellen Show' does some damage control on EllenGate. Find out if the changes to the show's workplace are enough to overcome the scandal.

Too little too late? ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ to address EllenGate

As the allegations surrounding The Ellen Show’s rotten workplace atmosphere continue to grow, Ellen DeGeneres is planning to address her fans in hopes of salvaging her upbeat persona. 

While leaving a restaurant in Santa Barbara, California, DeGeneres was questioned by paparazzi. Though she managed to steer clear of topics regarding the recent firings, she did imply that she will soon address the scandal on air.  The Ellen DeGeneres Show has had a turbulent year so far. Several former & current employees of the show have come forward to share their experiences. 

The staff has accused the senior management of cultivating a toxic working environment. Following the allegations, WarnerMedia was prompted to launch an internal investigation into The Ellen Show. As a result, three senior producers were let go earlier this month due to claims of sexual misconduct & harassment.

From Twitter thread to full-blown expose 

It all began when comedian Kevin T. Porter started a Twitter thread asking people to call out Ellen for her mean behavior. Once the mean stories came pouring in, people were forced to see Ellen in a whole new light. 

It’s also worth noting that people were already miffed about DeGeneres’s behavior towards Nikkie de Jager, a famous YouTuber. Post-interview, the YouTube star had some not-so-nice things to say about her treatment on the show.

Amid the ongoing backlash, several staffers came forth to point out the lack of communication from the production’s end after the coronavirus shutdown. The crew members stated they didn’t receive any information from the showrunners on the status of their employment. Needless to say, the staffers were upset because of the production’s callous actions. 

Ellen’s former bodyguard also threw in his two cents to the growing body of unflattering charges against the female comedian. He said in an interview that DeGeneres was cold towards him. He also quoted that working for her was far from an ideal experience. 

By the time the staff complaints dropped Ellen was already in hot water because of her mean behavior. Emerging reports of racial slights & rampant sexual misconduct going on behind the curtain of her show were the final nail in the coffin. Safe to say, people were furious after hearing about this. 

The Ellen Show follows the mantra of being kind but in reality, fosters such a hostile working environment. This did not sit well with the fans of the show. After coming under fire for mistreatment of employees, The Ellen Show’s distributors Warner Bros. were quick to launch an internal investigation which ultimately led to the firing of three major producers.

The aftermath

DeGeneres’s once wholesome image has been dragged through the mud, in light of these scathing accusations. The popular daytime television host has already released a letter addressing the hostility that went on behind the scenes. 

Ellen has also apologized to her staff through virtual conferences though she has yet to say anything on the allegations against her conduct.

Can the show be saved?

It’s hard to predict whether The Ellen Show will be able to tide through this scandal. However, showrunners are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to damage control. Although, it remains to be seen if these attempts will be able to undo the years of harassment towards the staff. 

As the face of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ellen has apologized and taken responsibility for the charges. But is it too little too late? Only the ratings will tell. The popular daytime talk show is set to return for its eighteenth season on September 14. 

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