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Have you been keeping up with all the latest, shocking news about the Princess of Dubai? Find out why she ended up lying about being kidnapped here.

Why did the Princess of Dubai lie about being kidnapped?

The daughter of Dubai’s Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum caused international distress after releasing a disturbing video where she claimed she was being held hostage by her family. The video released in February sparked an international investigation into the unknown whereabouts of the thirty-five year old princess, Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed Al Maktoum.

However, in a recently shocking Instagram post, Princess Latifa is seen enjoying her travels in Spain. Did the Princess of Dubai lie about being kidnapped? Or is there something being hidden behind these recent photos used as proof of her being alive? Here are the facts thus far concerning the case of the Princess of Dubai:

Princess Latifa’s attempted escape in 2018

In 2018, Princess Latifa had tried to escape Dubai with her confidant & martial arts teacher Tiina Jauhiainen. However, the escape quickly failed and the princess was sent back home.

After nine days on their attempted escape, the two women were caught by Emirati commandos & the Indian Coast Guard just off the island of Goa. The two women were then detained and returned to Dubai.

Latifa’s videos claimed she was being held captive

In February, the Princess of Dubai caused widespread worry when she released videos detailing her captivity and fearing for her life. The Dubai royal princess said, “I’m a hostage . . . I am worried about my safety and my life.”

The videos had even spurred the UN human rights office to demand “proof of life” from her father who is also the United Arab Emirates vice president and prime minister. No evidence of her alive has yet to be provided. There is even a campaign group called “Free Latifa” which has fought for her freedom & safety. 

Recent images of Princess Latifa abroad

In a surprising twist, the Princess of Dubai was seen in a recent Instagram post where she’s seen travelling with friends. The image was posted on Sunday by a British teacher who is known to be a friend of the princess. Sioned Taylor captioned one of the images with “Great European holiday with Latifa. We’re having fun exploring!”

As expected, many of the comments on the post had countless questions as to the safety of Princess Latifa. Taylor replied that the photos were taken in Spain and Latifa was doing “great”. 

Many have suspected that these images were staged or taken at a previous time. However, the “Free Latifa” campaign has responded to the recent images by stating they have “put on hold all campaigning activities.”

“We are pleased to see Latifa seemingly having a passport, traveling and enjoying an increasing degree of freedom, these are very positive steps forward,” co-founder David Haigh stated. “I can also confirm that several of the campaign team have been contacted directly by Latifa,” he adds.

Sheikh Mohammed’s family scandal in 2020

After Princess Latifa’s attempted escape in 2018, the false image of Sheikh Mohammed’s happy family was broken. In 2020, a British judge ruled that the Sheikh had conducted a campaign of fear & intimidation against his estranged wife and had abducted his two daughters, including Latifa.

The ruling had occurred after the custody battle between Sheikh Mohammed and his estranged wife Princess Haya, the daughter of the late King Hussein of Jordan. She is one of multiple wives of Sheikh Mohammed.

The United Arab Emirates foreign ministry has yet to comment on the recent events concerning the royal family and the Princess of Dubai. The Dubai government’s media office has also not responded to requests for comment.

What do you believe is the truth behind this confusing case? Did the Princess of Dubai really lie about being kidnapped? Are the recent photos staged and she’s still being held captive? Perhaps the Dubai royal is gaining minor freedom to travel? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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