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Where are the best places to travel to? The world is too big to stay at home all the time. Put these vacation spots on your summer to-do list!

Need a getaway this summer? These are the best places to travel to

Where are the best places to travel to? We live in a small world, so sometimes, the world is just too captivating to stay at home, looking out your window and watching the same scenery day after day. After all, you already get up every morning, drive in the same traffic to go to the same place where you work and do the same thing over and over again. Sometimes, you just want something different. 

We all deserve to have a wonderful experience and treat ourselves to new scenery. Take some time to just enjoy life, be yourself, and explore your country. Put these vacation spots on your summer to do list, and check out our hand-picked best places to travel to.

Massacre Rim

Massacre Rim is safer than it sounds! Some of the very best places to travel to on earth aren’t restaurants or man-made monuments, but nature-made monuments. 

There are only ten dark sanctuaries in the whole world, with four of them in America. Massacre Rim is the largest in the country. Massacre Rim is located in the vast expanse called Dark Sky Sanctuary, away from light pollution that takes the beautiful stars away from our sight.

Composed of thousands of acres of sagebrush & grass, this great remote desert landscape is perfect for cookouts & camping. Finish the night by watching the gorgeous milky way galaxy above over a peaceful campfire. 

Grand County, Colorado

For nature lovers, this is definitely one of the best places to travel to! Quiet Grand County, Colorado is ideal for anyone seeking a nice, modest spot to chill. Summer is the perfect time to visit this area because the plants & flowers are full like live paintings, you could spot the wildlife in the near distance, and temperatures are perfect! 

You could check into a ranch in the mountains and spend your time riding horses. Rent a cottage near Grand Lake or drive through Rocky Mountain National Park where the elk herds graze in the evening. 

Jekyll Island, Georgia

Jekyll Island is a peaceful state park with a natural beauty that’ll captivate you into thinking you’re living inside a picture composed by a master painter! 

You’ll see fine driftwood along the shores, historical sites, dazzling beaches and the sea turtles running back & forth from the ocean.

Jekyll is a member of the Golden Isles. All of the islands are introverts in their own way and so are their activities with things like art galleries, historic museums, and old-fashioned restaurants. 

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Michigan

Have you ever wanted to slide down gigantic sand dunes? The cool thing about the Sleeping Bear Dunes is that most of the things to do are outdoors & free, so you could save your money while you’re at it. 

You could rest by one of the beaches on Lake Michigan, but if you’re seeking greater adventure, feel free to take on one of their many hiking trails through Leelanau State Park or North Manitou Island – the trails are some of the most beautiful spots in America, and you’ll feel like you’re in a fairy tale walking through the woods, dunes, and along the lakes & rivers. 

Route 66

Some people like to go to many places on their vacations, and road trips are perfect for that. You could drive on Route 66 across the country. Stretching from Chicago to California, this historic route is perfect for anyone interested in the legendary stories surrounding the area. 

You could stop in the small towns along the way, towns that still have their neon-lit diners and historic relics dating back to when the Mother Road was first established across the country. 

You’ll run through Arizona, California, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois. You could even go star-gazing!

The Big Island, Hawaii

You could go full tropical this summer and visit The Big Island of Hawaii. Treat yourself to a big island road trip, immersing yourself into the lush jungle amongst the Pepe’ekeo scenic drive, or visit the birthplace of kings. 

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you could see the world’s most active eruptors at Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park.


Do you have any vacation spots in mind that didn’t make this list? Let us know in the comments!

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