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We can all admit to having watched an unhealthy amount of 'Dr. Phil' episodes. Here are the most problematic cases that aired.

Is Dr. Phil problematic? Cringe at the most troubling episodes here

We can all admit to having watched an unhealthy amount of Dr. Phil episodes. Well, it’s hard not to with the sheer amount of dramatic content that good ol’ Dr. Phil McGraw has provided us. With over eighteen seasons, Dr. Phil has shown us some hysterical guests including the infamous Danielle Bregoli AKA Bhad Bhabie. Her iconic catchphrase, “Catch me outside, how about that?”, instantly became meme worthy.

However, we have all seen an episode or two (probably more) which left us feeling uneasy, or even a bit queasy. Dr. Phil never shies away from darker subject matter, as McGraw has interviewed countless people throughout his show’s episodes who suffer from a range of issues including mental illness, domestic violence, and drug abuse. 

Putting troubled victims in the spotlight as entertainment for thousands of viewers is without a doubt as problematic as it gets. After all, it’s called a guilty pleasure for a reason. With nearly 3,000 Dr. Phil episodes, there are definitely plenty of guests which could have used some more rigorous counseling. Here are some of the most troubling Dr. Phil guests just for your cringing pleasure.

Pastor Tom and his two wives

In this episode, we meet sixty-one-year-old Pastor Tom who’s married to two women. If that wasn’t already bad enough, one of them is only nineteen years old and pregnant with his child. To make matters even more despicable, the teen has known Tom since she was a child.

The throuple seems content with their marital arrangement. You’ll cringe even more when you learn that Tom makes sure to “alternate” his nights between his two wives. Needless to say, when you watch this episode, you’ll be shouting at your TV that someone needs to start planning a rescue mission for the nineteen-year-old!

The digital kidnapper

This may not be illegal, but it definitely doesn’t feel right. Ashley has stalked a family on Facebook, stolen photos of their daughters, and passed them off as her own children. Creepy, right

It gets worse. Ashley prints these photos and frames them, displaying them in her home as if they were her own. Ashley claims that she lost custody of “her” daughters and that’s why they are with another family. Obviously, these claims have been debunked. It’s clear that Ashley needs some serious help other than Dr. Phil.

Woman is “poisoned” by her husband

In this Dr. Phil segment, Pat fully believes her husband is injecting her with sedatives while she sleeps. However, the “needle marks” on her face are clarified to just be ordinary skin bumps. Yet, Pat is so afraid that she sleeps with a helmet on to ensure he won’t inject her while she’s unconscious. 

Although this image may seem a bit silly to picture, the whole issue itself is definitely tragic – especially when you learn Pat’s previously been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. 

Pregnant with baby Jesus

Haley claims that she is nine months pregnant and that her baby is Jesus. Yes, you read that right. Let alone with the crazy idea she is pregnant with Jesus, Haley has tested negative to every pregnancy test she’s taken. Obviously a cry for attention, yet this isn’t her first delusion. Haley has previously stated that her father is the famous rapper, Eminem. Haley needs more than a reality check. She needs a psychiatrist.

Dr. Phil episodes are clearly problematic and raise many ethical issues. Should people with serious personal dilemmas be put on television under the guise of “professional consulting”? That’s up to you to decide. Reality TV will always be a hot topic for debate and Dr. Phil episodes are sure to keep running. Sadly, the world won’t stop watching anytime soon – Dr. Phil was rated as the top daytime talk show last year.

What’s the most outrageous Dr. Phil segment you’ve seen? Do you have some favorite episodes we missed? Let us know in the comments below! 

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