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Is Doja Cat really going nude on the stage next tour? Here's everything we got on the rumors currently erupting on social media.

Do these videos prove that Doja Cat is the queen of twerking?

Many would kill to move as Doja Cat does twerk. Rihanna, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, and even Taylor Swift got into controversies for twerking, but is Doja Cat the queen of this dance? Twerking takes more than dominating dance moves and going through a hip dissociation, it takes an unapologetic attitude to get a good twerking. Doja has shown to be bad at offering apologies, which makes her great at bouncing her butt.

But further, than asking ourselves who is the queen of twerking, we should celebrate that many feminine figures are vindicating their sexy moves through this dance. Doja Cat isn’t afraid of showing her talent to the world and has done so in her concert performances, music videos as well as live streams on TikTok & Instagram. Here’s a list of iconic videos where Doja Cat has shown to dominate twerking.

In the end, we’ll also share with you some of the main benefits of twerking and why it’s so important to have figures like Doja Cat doing this dance publicly. If you haven’t tried this dance, you should certainly do, not only is it a great exercise but it boosts your sensuality and feminine energy. Meanwhile, this Doja Cat’s videos might serve as an inspiration for you to join this dance. 

Hot Pink era compilation 

Doja Cat has used twerking and booty movements in several music videos from her Hot Pink album, which is why we think you should watch them all. This compilation offers some of the best moments of the album, especially the ones where she’s twerking. 

All videos have a different style, yet, the general concept of being fearless, hyper-feminine, and powerful are all over it. 

TikTok compilation 

No matter if she’s giving a performance with a beautiful bodysuit, or spending a morning on a paradise island, Doja has shown to always be in the mood for twerking. In this TikTok compilation, you’ll see a series of videos where Doja Cat is either performing or just casually twerking in different contexts. Honestly, nothing can stop this woman from twerking, not even a pair of latex pants. 

The video compilation ends with a beautiful live stream where Doja Cat is fitting a fascinating outfit and ends up twerking. Honestly, any circumstance is a twerking opportunity for Doja Cat.

Live streaming 

In this Instagram live, Doja shows her perfect abilities to twerk in different positions! It all starts with her laying in bed with a beautiful freckles filter and a perfect purple manicure till people start asking her to twerk. To this, Doja Cat always responds with a fascinating booty move. 

Nonetheless, this time Doja showed her ability to twerk while laying down!  That can only be possible through moves control and personal pride. 

Twerking benefits 

After watching all these videos you might be motivated to start twerking, it just looks so powerful and sexy, yet it has several benefits too! If you find the gym to be boring, Twerking can be an amazing exercise to tone your legs, buttocks, abs, and lower back. Yet, it’s also great cardio since you can burn up to 600 calories per hour twerking. This is the dance you’re looking for if you want to improve your posture and coordination.

Finally, twerking can be deeply useful to reduce stress, as well as a big help with menstrual pain and mitigating the symptoms associated with menopause. So, if you enjoy watching Doja Cat twerking, you’ll certainly love to move your own hips too, and get to appreciate all the hard work it takes. 

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