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No makeup needed: Here’s the proof that Doja Cat is even more beautiful without

Putting makeup on should always be something we do under a personal decision. Nonetheless, the world we live in puts unbelievable pressure on women’s appearances, especially when it comes to public figures. However, Doja Cat has shown to be equally beautiful with no makeup on, honestly, Doja Cat needs nothing with her twerking abilities, but that’s another topic. 

Doja Cat is a rising star in the music industry, having already gained massive amounts of recognition for her hit songs such as “Say So” & “Juicy”. Her signature look has been praised by many, with her being lauded for wearing minimal makeup. But how does she look without any makeup on? Let’s take a closer look at what Doja Cat looks like without any cosmetics, spoiler, she looks beautiful!

Doja Cat’s natural face

Without makeup on, Doja Cat still looks just as stunning! She has beautiful clear skin which shows off her flawless complexion. Yet, it’s also important to start recognizing natural skin tends to have flaws and there’s nothing wrong with it. Her eyes are naturally striking and stand out even more when she isn’t wearing any makeup. 

Also, can we talk about her full lips? They certainly don’t need any extra color or gloss to be highlighted – they steal attention all on their own! It’s very important for public figures like Doja to vindicate the no makeup looks. 

What does she look like with no makeup?

If you want to get an idea of how beautiful Doja Cat looks without makeup on — then just take a look at some of the photos from her Instagram page! In the pictures, she often wears no or minimal makeup and still looks absolutely gorgeous in each one. 

Even though her signature style calls for bold eyeshadow and bright lip colors, Doja Cat still looks stunningly beautiful when rocking a no-makeup look.

Minimal makeup on the red carpet

Even when attending red-carpet events, Doja Cat usually opts for minimal makeup or sometimes none at all. At the 2020 Grammy Awards ceremony, she opted for a barely-there foundation that let her freckles shine through while adding a touch of pink blush to window cheeks and highlights around her eyes. And instead of heavy eyeliner and mascara, she chose to keep it simple with mascara only. 

However, Doja has lately shown her love for conceptual makeup too, which is great because in the end, she’s doing what she truly wants. In the past few weeks, Doja attended Paris fashion week all covered up in red jewelry, her face and body included. This not only showed an amazing style but a fashion compromise!

Makeup-free music videos

Whenever possible, Doja Cat tries to stay away from wearing heavy makeup in her music videos too. Instead opting for more natural looks that allow her stunning features to take center stage — something that was particularly seen in the video for “Say So” where Doja showed off completely bare-faced beauty! Not only did this help highlight the song lyrics but it also allowed fans to appreciate Dojas natural beauty 

All in all — it’s fair to say that without any doubt: Doja Cat is absolutely stunning either with or without makeup on!! She’s got great skin tone and hair color plus strong facial features making her appear gorgeous both ways. 🔥 You can clearly see why so many people admire natural beauty idols like hers inspiring others to achieve the same confidence. 

After all true beauty is not about who you wear, but truly about embracing yourself. 🤩 This might sound cliché but is honestly the key to everything. No matter how much makeup you put on or how many personal or physical changes you go through, if you don’t own what you are, there’s nothing else you can do. 

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