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Doja Cat is surely a “Woman” but is she also a nude satanist?

Doja Cat, the 27-year-old Grammy-award-winning artist, released her new single “Attention” last Friday, revealing a daring side both in music and visual presentation. In a landscape where many artists are often lauded for predictable output, Doja Cat pushes the envelope. This latest nude-covered single demands a serious examination of the depths and the thematic imagery involved.

The vision

In the music video of “Attention,” Doja Cat makes a bold statement, appearing nearly nude and covered in blood. The stills from the video, which also serve as the single’s artwork, present a stark departure from the traditional pop imagery, alluding to darker themes and nude artistic expression. The video quickly amassed over 1.3 million views, and responses to this audacious approach have been mixed.

Some fans laud the aesthetics of the video, drawing parallels to the HBO series True Blood. However, others express concern regarding the blood-soaked visuals and their perceived connotations, especially when taken in conjunction with Doja Cat’s recent tattoos of bat skeletons and mythological figures.

Breaking convention

While some may label Doja Cat’s new direction as controversial, it is, undeniably, a calculated move. The singer, whose career skyrocketed with the success of “Say So,” is now firmly establishing herself as an artist not confined by the boundaries of mainstream pop.

Hints dropped on social media about her upcoming album, including potential titles such as “Hellmouth” and “First of All,” suggest a shift toward more substantive and thought-provoking content. Sources indicate that the album will also showcase her adeptness in rap.

The evolution

Doja Cat’s journey has been one marked by reinvention and unapologetic expression. Her sartorial choices and engagement with fans via social media demonstrate her commitment to innovation. She is not only a musician but an artist who is conscious of the image and message she puts forth.

In a recent conversation via Zoom, Doja Cat spoke candidly about her transformative hairstyles and the liberation that accompanies change. She also addressed the irresponsible comparisons of her new look to Britney Spears’ troubled past, highlighting the necessity for sensitivity and nude awareness in discourse.

Her manager, Gordan Dillard, has ambitious plans for Doja Cat, including potential ventures into film and TV. Filmmaker Baz Luhrmann, who involved her in his Elvis soundtrack, praises her indomitable work ethic and her refusal to be pigeonholed.

The artist

In a music industry often marred by the recycling of the same tropes, Doja Cat’s “Attention” serves as a clarion call for creative liberation. It remains to be seen how her audience will adapt to this new direction, but one thing is clear – Doja Cat is unshackled and poised for continued innovation.

As we look ahead, it is imperative to consider the cultural implications of an artist like Doja Cat, who challenges conventions and provokes thought. Will the industry and its consumers be ready to embrace the unfiltered expression that artists like Doja Cat represent?


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