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Netflix is still the biggest name in the streaming game. But could Disney Plus be taking over? Watch as we unpack Disney Plus vs. Netflix now.

Disney Plus vs. Netflix: Which streaming service is worth the price?

More TV & movie studios are getting into the streaming business, so it’s starting to feel like everyone who’s ever made entertainment is offering you a monthly subscription! Cable television died years ago, but it took a pandemic for everyone to realize streaming is the way of the future. Now, more people are signing up for streaming services than ever before, but choosing the right service has never been harder. 

Netflix is still the biggest name in the streaming game. Their dominance is anything but certain as more contenders step into the ring to challenge them. Once upon a time Netflix said their biggest competitor was sleep. These days, it’s Disney Plus. Disney has an impressive roster of shows & movies, but can they compete with Netflix’s multi-decade head start?

You can’t buy them all. It’s Disney Plus vs Netflix, and we’re here to referee the match. 

Endless variety

Netflix has been around longer than its competitors. All those extra years have given Netflix the opportunity to pack their service with the widest variety of TV shows & movies on the market.

There really is something for everyone on Netflix since they’re bursting at the seams with shows & movies in every genre. The platform seems to have strategized to obtain every title they possibly can. On top of that, Netflix puts out an impressive amount of original content every single month. 

A downside? In their effort to have something for everyone, Netflix occasionally leaves quality control by the wayside, making Netflix originals hit or miss. Despite that, Netflix has still produced a startling number of award-winning shows & movies. In the Disney Plus vs Netflix cage match, Netflix’s variety of offerings give it a sizable advantage.

Of course, a glut of content is also a double-edged sword. Netflix subscribers know that more often than not choosing what to watch can consume your entire night. More shows, more problems, right? 

Confederacy of niches

Disney announced they were launching their own streaming service in 2018. When Disney Plus started up in 2019, its offerings were slim. Since then, Disney has put effort into getting more shows & movies on their platform.

When it comes to adding content, Disney has it easy. They’re the largest movie studio in the world. They also own some of the most popular franchises of all time. The entire Marvel Studios lineup is on Disney plus, as is Star Wars. Of course, Disney Plus also has all the Disney classics you grew up with and loved. 

Disney doesn’t produce nearly the amount of original content for their streaming service as Netflix. Instead, they’re focusing on creating quality content within popular niches. The Mandalorian is their smash-hit Star Wars TV show right now, and Marvel Studios also has a slew of TV shows coming to the platform throughout 2021 and beyond. 

If you’re a diehard fan of Marvel or Star Wars, “Disney Plus vs Netflix” isn’t even a question. You can only get your superhero & Skywalker fix from one place, after all. 

Disney Plus vs Netflix

Now that we’ve outlined what the platforms have to offer, let’s see what they’re asking. A Disney Plus subscription runs at $8 per month, or $80 per year. Netflix has more pricing options, depending on the amount of screens you want to be able to use simultaneously. Their basic subscription is $8.99 per month, but HD content will run you $13.99.

The winner of the fight depends largely on your own tastes. If the franchises closest to your heart are on Disney Plus, there’s really only one option here. On the other hand, if you could care less about Marvel & Star Wars, going with Netflix is a no brainer.

Do you have a favorite streaming service, and is it actually Hulu or HBO Max? Let us know in the comments!

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