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Look, we’re all sick & tired of being cooped up. Some people just don't know the definition of quarantine. Here's how.

These crazy images prove people don’t know the definition of quarantine

Look, we’re all sick & tired of being cooped up. We’re over the whole quarantine already and is it too much to ask to just sit at a park with some boba tea?! Listen, it’s not fun but we have to keep remembering why we’re doing it.  

Lockdowns are slowly being lifted all over the world so all we have to do is sit tight and be patient and we’ll be slurping down boba in no time. Until then we have some examples of what not to do, because we’re still in quarantine people! But we’re also all in this together. 

Crowded NYC parks

Apparently April showers don’t only bring May flowers they also bring May crowds. The delightfully warm, sunny weather has proved to be too much for many residents in New York City and they’ve taken to raiding the parks in droves. We all need our daily dose of vitamin D but not at the expense of public health. 

Though there were crowds over the weekend, most residents were careful to comply with social distancing protocols and many also wore face masks. 1,000 police officers were dispatched to enforce social distancing and hand out free masks to anyone that needed them.

A day at the beach

Sand & surf sound like heaven right now, especially a cool dip in the salty waves. The beaches at Port Aransas were filled with people who had the same idea but didn’t think about how it would affect the quarantine. An onlooker reported that very little social distancing was being followed, no one had masks, and the beach was littered with trash. 

Come on, guys! We don’t need more pollution on top of a pandemic. 

Frenzied farmers markets

Look, we all want fresh radishes and what wouldn’t we give for a sun-ripened, organic watermelon right about now? But crowded farmer’s markets have become a concern for L.A. in the face of loosening quarantine measures. 

Now the city has required the markets to outline a plan to reduce overcrowding and implement social distancing measures so that people can shop safely. It’s a good thing too since farmer’s markets are hugely beneficial to the local growers and buyers alike.  

Chaos at Costa 

British lockdown measures are slowly beginning to lift as more food chains are reopening. This step brought on a deluge of people waiting in line for their morning cup of coffee. The reaction to the reopening is sparking concern amongst essential workers that many people are ignoring the important stay-at-home orders in favor of going to eat out. 

It’s now when we must remember two things: always treat essential workers with respect and sometimes a cappuccino isn’t worth it.

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