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From face masks solutions for the hearing impaired to face masks that show off personality. These Coronavirus face masks are stylish and innovative.

Coronavirus mask – but fashion! All the flyest masks we’ve seen

The coronavirus has been hard on fashionistas and all those who appreciate strutting their stuff with the latest and greatest. Quarantine and social distancing doesn’t exactly lend to showing off your new threads or your sick new hairstyle. One can only console oneself with lookbooks for so long. 

The trendiest and most ingenious artists & inventors have found a way to show off their creative side even in the midst of crisis. People have been going all out in the face mask department. Face masks have gone from being practical tools, to vicious fashion statements. 

These face masks are not only stylish, but innovative. From face masks solutions for the hearing impaired to face masks that show off personality, these masks are gems. Let us show you what we mean. Here’s a list of the most fly masks we’ve seen so you too, can look fly as fuh. 

Face masks for the trendy  

Pac-man face mask (lesleyannebro) 

This face mask lets you pretend Pac-man is nomming the virus away. 

Cute print face mask (Hip2Save) 

For you hipsters out there.

Bandana Mask ( 

This is a bandana mask for those of you who fancy a biker vibe. 

Washed-Out Looking Mask (

This washed-out denim-looking mask screams trendy. 

Superhero mask (raw universe)

Need some courage to brave going into the ominous supermarket? These superhero masks have you covered. 

A line-up of innovative face masks 

Face Face Mask (

Yup. That wasn’t a typo. These face masks have a printout of your face on it so it looks like you’re not even wearing one! 

Clear Face Mask (ashley lawrence FB)

These face masks are designed so that the hearing impaired’s ease of communication doesn’t take a hit. It’s hard to read lips when everyone is wearing face masks! 

Electric Face Mask (LIGC Applications)

This face mask uses an electric charge intended to repel bacteria and viruses. It’s amazing that companies are trying to make face masks more and more effective. 

Face masks for your inner diva 

Goth face mask (murderapparel) 

Okay, fine. This face mask really only has a touch of goth, but look at those ghoulish ice cream cones. Totally metal, dude. 

Unicorn Face Mask (

Who doesn’t love a unicorn? 

Bedazzled Face Mask (jcarylash co)

Look at the bling on that thing! It’s practically blinding. 

Head scarf face mask (fashion bomb daily) 

This one doubles as a partial head scarf. Now that’s creative!

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