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In news that is the epitome #relatable, reporter Will Reeve went on the air with Good Morning America . . . here's what went wrong.

Here’s why Will Reeve is totally nailing coronavirus fashion

In news that is the epitome #relatable, reporter Will Reeve went on the air with Good Morning America wearing a suit jacket, a button-up shirt, and no pants. Now before you raise your eyebrow, Reeve was doing what some of us do. He thought he’d be cut off from the waist up. So he dressed accordingly.

Before you clutch your pearls, Reeve had shorts on. He wasn’t naked, but they were some pretty short shorts. Who wears short shorts? ABC News reporter Will Reeve does at home apparently. 

The bad news for Will Reeve, however, was that he did not get that angle quite right. Everyone ended up getting an eyeful of his legs sans pants. The internet was quick to call the ABC News reporter out on the hilarious (and relatable) fashion faux pas. 

Reeve, to his credit, seems to be taking the whole thing in stride. He took to Twitter and wrote, “I have ARRIVED. In the most hilariously mortifying way possible.”

Before we rib Reeve too much, who amongst us has made sure to dress business casual from the top up while wearing comfy leggings from the bottom down when we know we could get away with it? Who amongst us during this coronavirus quarantine WFH lifestyle can really throw the first stone?

Answer: no one. If you say otherwise, you are lying. 

In WFH quarantine culture, we are all Will Reeve and he is us. Are you spending your days in Zoom meetings? Your make-up is done, the blouse is nice, but you’re a mess from the waist below. If you don’t have any video conference meetings? Then our guess is that you’ve switched from “night pajamas” to “day pajamas”. 

So let’s salute Will Reeve, who is the relatable face of working from home that we all need during this difficult time. We may be flattening the curve by social distancing, but our style games are all probably gonna suffer when we’re allowed near each other again. 

We would suggest that next time Reeve shoots from home, he tests to make sure the angle he is set his camera up at is his best angle.

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