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Looks like Twitter has a new feud. Get ready to retweet as we dive into the reactions to Debra Messing on Twitter. 

What’s the feud between Debra Messing and Kim Kardashian on Twitter?

Looks like Twitter has a new feud. Debra Messing wrote about her confusion on Twitter yesterday over the choice to cast Kim Kardashian as one of the hosts of the new season of SNL, which will be streamed on Peacock for the first time. Debra Messing mentioned on Twitter how normally these hosts are there to promote a project, whether it be a film, show or album. 

Though Kardashian did hint at a potential Hulu project recently alongside the rest of her family, Debra Messing still asked on Twitter “Am I missing something?” This, of course, sparked off Twitter’s feud radar. 

Naturally, that radar quickly led to a few . . . mixed reactions to Debra Messing’s musings on Twitter. We searched through the threads to find the best reactions to Debra Messing’s tweet. Get ready to retweet as we dive into the reactions to Debra Messing’s musings on Twitter. 

She is worthy 

Definitely a good resume for the job, we won’t lie. 


The internet never forgets. 


If Kayne shows up, it’ll definitely make a memorable episode. 


Right to the point. 

Randy Rainbow 

So are we because that’ll be epic! 



Business prowess  

Very true! 

All of us 

Starting to sense a bit of a pattern here . . . . 

Hollywood’s Karen 

Don’t say it, you’ll summon them . . . . ! 

Best of luck 

Always nice to end on positivity! 

Have any other fun reactions to Debra Messing on Twitter? Drop them below in the comments before the feud heats up!

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  • How would SNL broadcast, from her collarbone up? Because you know she was only hired to be nude.
    Meghan & Harry are in NY this week. After the Time Magazine cover, a SNL Hairdresser skit would be the perfect follow-up.

    September 23, 2021

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