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Musician, fashion designer, and ex-husband to Kim Kardashian. Here are some of our favorite memes that explain exactly who Kayne West, AKA Ye, is.

Kayne West ‘Ye’: The best memes about Yeezy

Musician, fashion designer, husband to Kim Kardashian, and father to multiple children– Kanye West wears many hats. He’s known for being loud, self-obsessed, and controversial, but a lot of people will tell you he’s talented too. Just don’t let him hear that, his ego is big enough.

The man who seems to have a never-ending feud with Taylor Swift, for reasons nobody can truly fathom, is without a doubt perfect for one thing– making meme material for the internet. Here are some of our favorite memes that answer the question “Who’s Kanye West?”

What’s his demographic?

He trends on Twitter every time he drops a new album– but who actually listens to his music?

The show or the wing of the White House?

It’s probably both if we’re honest.

Who needs context?

We’re happy to grace you with this ultra-rare Kanye meme.

Does he have first born energy?

Yeah, he definitely has first born vibes.

Who you gonna call?

Kanye is going to call Kanye every time.

Does he care if he makes sense as a person?

Nope, he does not care even a little bit.

Did anyone ask?

Probably not, but he’ll tell you everyone has been asking for him.

Who does he love?

He loves himself– maybe his wife too, but sources have been unable to confirm.

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  • so what’s wrong with a man having self confidence ? Asked Mark Zuckerberg for money but now a billionnaire. Was a millionnaire even before mark. This article only shows the level of hate you have in you towards something different. whether you like it or not. kanye west is and will continue to be a force to reckon with in several industries and the most highly influencial personality decades to come. deal with that …

    May 1, 2020

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