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If you’re feeling nostalgic and want to refresh your memory on all the “dead memes” from the past decade then look no further.

Ghosts of the internet past: Relive the dead memes we all once loved

The impact that internet culture has made on younger generations today is easily one of the biggest cultural milestones in recent history. Viral memes all over social media pop up on the daily, referencing everything. From a small & funny internet joke all the way to memes representing defining historical moments, nothing escapes being memed. 

Considering how fast jokes seem to come & go on the internet, if you’re not regularly scrolling through social media, it’s safe to say you’ve missed a few now-dead memes here & there. However, some have stood the test of time and remain golden classics to this day. If you’re feeling nostalgic and want to refresh your memory on all the “dead memes” from the past decade hidden in the back of your mind, we’ve got you covered. 

“This is Dog”

It’s wild just how fast internet culture grows with each passing day. What’s considered funny to the masses now probably would be considered to be cheesy & overdone by the next month. When someone from Twitter dug up this holy artifact of a meme from the dead, we can’t help but cringe but also laugh in remembrance at just how easy it was to make us laugh back in the day. 

None pizza, left beef

In response to the former tweet, another user shared another old, dead meme that once had us clutching our stomachs in laughter. We wonder how that pizza ended up tasting. 

Walmart yodeling

Who could forget about this one? This video really ingrained his voice & some actually pretty impressive yodeling into our minds when this went viral. The young boy, Mason Ramsey, ended up making an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and going on to create his own music. 

“Catch me outside”

Here, we have another example of a viral meme who turned into a celebrity with a record deal. Danielle Bregoli, now known by her stage name Bhad Bhabie, first shocked the internet world when her & her mother went on Dr. Phil in an effort to resolve Bregoli’s rebellious tendencies. 

She yelled the words: “Catch me outside, how about that?” at Dr. Phil and the rest was history. Now, she’s making chart-topping rap singles, so it’s safe to say she’s probably doing great. 

“You know I had to do it to em”

This dead meme may be a bit more obscure than the others. If you’re scratching your head wondering why many people loved it so much, we probably won’t be able to explain it properly to you. You just get it or you don’t. There’s just something so visceral about the image, the person’s outfit & stance, along with the cringe-caption that once had everybody giggling. 

The Bee Movie

Remember when everyone on the internet couldn’t stop talking about The Bee Movie for some reason? How bored were we all during that time? 

Yanny vs. Laurel

This now dead-meme once had the internet absolutely shook. Let us know in the comments if you heard the word “Laurel” or “Yanny”. 

Gold/white dress or black/blue dress? 

This viral dead meme was also once a trip for us all. Apparently, experts solved this by saying this was all just a trick of our eyes based on how low or bright we had our lighting set to on our devices. Let us know which team you’re rooting for in the comments though. 

“Damn, Daniel!”

Now this one is a dead meme that should probably stay dead. While the internet loved this compilation of two teens just having fun in school every day while one hyped the other one up, no one can deny it looks a bit cheesy re-watching it now. The two kids ended up going on The Ellen Show and winning a lifetime of Vans shoes, so we’re sure they don’t regret becoming internet sensations one bit. 

Are there any more dead memes you remember that we missed? Let us know in the comments. 

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