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More DaBaby memes than ever are in circulation around social media in light of his recent scandal at the Rolling Festival. Will DaBaby's net worth suffer?

Is DaBaby now a meme? Will his homophobia affect his net worth?

These days, DaBaby memes are more popular than his rap music. The reason why? DaBaby’s gotten himself caught up in quite a bit of a mess after making homophobic comments at the Rolling Loud music festival. Some of the most common DaBaby memes in circulation on social media right now poke fun at his net worth as it possibly drops in the midst of his major controversy. 

With everything going on, the best thing DaBaby can do is continue being apologetic to the LGBTQ community. Unfortunately, as of this week, it appears he’s deleted his Instagram apology statement for what went down at the music festival. Will DaBaby’s memes continue causing a stir?

What was said at Rolling Loud?

The reason DaBaby memes are being created at such a fast rate is that fans are disappointed in his actions. He made extremely homophobic comments in an explicit rant regarding “sucking d***” and HIV. 

The misinformation he spread about HIV & AIDS did nothing but alienate individuals who currently live with the virus and further stigmatize a negative connotation with the illness. The festival took place in Miami, Florida, and was recorded by thousands of people who were totally shocked by DaBaby’s statement.

Backlash from other celebrities

Dua Lipa is one of the first celebrities to speak out against DaBaby in the comments he made since they worked together on the remix of her song “Levitating” in 2020. She posted, “I really don’t recognize this as the person I worked with.” Lipa didn’t post any DaBaby memes because to her, this is not a joke. This is actually quite serious. 

Laverne Cox who most people recognize & love from Orange is the New Black, also posted a statement on Instagram. She spoke out against negative stigma and the importance of changing critical & oppressive ideologies. 

Miley Cyrus also posted an Instagram message offering to educate DaBaby rather than cancel him. Cyrus’s message was filled with encouragement towards him to change his heart & mind. Madonna also posted a message dropping plenty of facts about science’s modern technology in fighting back against HIV & AIDS. She also mentioned that she’s praying for DaBaby’s “ignorance”. 

According to Daily Loud, Kanye West has allegedly removed DaBaby’s verse from his album. Instead of posting DaBaby memes, these celebrities made their voices heard using their platforms with millions of followers.

Music festivals that dropped DaBaby

According to Billboard, DaBaby promised the organizers at seven separate music festivals that he would be recording an apology video to play in front of the crowd at his Lollapalooza performance. He failed to keep his word and ended up getting cut by the festival along with several others. 

He has since apologized for the comments he made twice, but it might be too late at this point. Along with Lollapalooza, he’s also been cut from the KS 107.5 Summer Jam, Park Life, iHeartRadio Day Stage, Music Midtown, Governors Ball, Austin City Limits, and Day N Vegas. It’s not looking good for the artist. 

DaBaby’s net worth

DaBaby memes revolving around his current scandal can’t be helpful to the young rapper who has a net worth of $5 million, as it stands today. Most of the memes are cutting deep and making fun of him by suggesting he’s going to end up working at fast-food restaurants since he can’t get scheduled to perform anywhere new. 

Other memes suggest he should’ve just kept it simple and asked the crowd if they were having a good time, instead of going on such a detrimental rant. With his features from songs by other artists getting cut and his performances getting canceled, his net worth will likely heavily suffer. 

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