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The amazing 'Heart of Glass' singer Miley Cyrus has a home that is as beautiful as her voice. Wanna take a look inside? Check out the luxurious space here.

“Heart of Glass”: Peek behind the curtain in Miley Cyrus’s eccentric home

Miley Cyrus’s Heart of Glass era has been different & exciting for both her and her fans. Rewinding back to her Hannah Montana era of 2006 to 2010 sheds light on how things got started for the beautiful & talented singer. Her hit Disney Channel TV show made her into an overnight household name. Her Can’t Be Tamed era quickly followed with her sending the world a clear message she was ready to grow up. 

Her Bangerz era followed and was filled with hip-hop songs, collaborations with rappers, and the bleach-blonde pixie haircut that made a very bold statement. Dead Petz, Younger Now, and She is Coming all brought different vibes to the forefront but right now, Miley Cyrus’s Heart of Glass era is pulling her fans back in with a passion. 

Along with the new style of Rock music Cyrus is heavily focused on these days, she’s also moved into a lovely new home which is somehow just as eccentric as she is.

Miley Cyrus’s Heart of Glass mansion

Does Miley Cyrus’s Heart of Glass way of living mean she’s got a home built of glass to match? Well, not exactly. Interestingly enough, her mother Tish Cyrus is the one who designed the majority of the home’s interior with help from her design partner Mat Sanders. The gorgeous mansion comes with six bedrooms and seven bathrooms spread across 6,800 square feet. 

The house’s location is golden as well seeing as it was built in Southern California – the best place for wonderful weather year-round. 

Tish Cyrus explained the journey of designing such a beautiful home for her daughter saying, “My biggest thing is that when you walk into someone’s house. I want you to know who lives there, what their personality is, what they love, and what they’re like. I know Miley so well, and we’re so close, so I was really able to do that.” The closeness between Miley & Tish is obvious with how the home turned out. 

The Rock & Roll, boho chic, artistic themes

Ever since Miley Cyrus’s Heart of Glass rock music has been making waves, people have been curious about how she’s living life in her private time. Her mansion includes a mouth-shaped chair that comes equipped with a wiggling tongue reminding us of Miley’s Bangerz tour where she quite literally slid down a giant tongue-shaped slide. There’s also a peacock style chair built for comfort with it’s bright colored cushions. 

Other awesome elements of the mansion are the full bar, the piano, drippy sculptures created by artist Dan Lam, and a still life painting completed by artist Takashi Murakami. There’s a lot of great art to be discovered inside the eccentric home including a wall hanging of Henri Matisse’s Blue Nude III and a 1970s brass and Murano glass mirror in front of tiger face Gucci wallpaper. 

The pool in the backyard appears to be so serene with lounge chairs, umbrellas, and stool seating for guests. Tish described her flow of inspiration saying, “My wheelhouse is very much boho chic. In my own house, I like everything neutral. But with Miley, it’s got to feel rock and roll. There’s a lot of color. Technicolor.” Every theme Tish was going for was achieved flawlessly.

Comfortable living for Miley

Listening to Miley Cyrus’s Heart of Glass music while chilling in a mansion like the one she owns sounds about right. She’s been in the music scene for years and because of that, Miley Cyrus currently has a net worth of around $160 million. She’s racked in more income than other female songstresses her age such as Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, and Selena Gomez which means her living quarters totally reflect that. 

Some sections of the home, like her dining room for example, rely on darker colored furniture for a more serious feel while other rooms are filled with colorful eccentricism. Cyrus’s tastes might always evolve & change so we’ll keep an eye out for any other home renovations she makes in the future. Her appreciation of valuable art makes each room in her home so much greater.

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