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Currently Crowdfunding: ‘Latter-Day Glory’, ‘The Power of One Coin’, ‘Rebecca’s Story’

Title: Latter-Day Glory

Funding goal: $15,000

Slated for filming: Principle photography completed; raising funds to complete the film

Logline: Two gay ex-Mormons explore their past and discuss the growing number of Mormon LGBT suicides.

Why you should support it: An incredibly poignant documentary, Latter-Day Glory seeks to shine a light on the ever-increasing suicide rate among LGBT Mormon youth, described by the filmmaker as an “epidemic”. The film connects us to celebrity hair & makeup stylist Jonathon Levi Powell and comic book artist/illustrator Terry Blas, who both grew up in the LDS Church. Together, the pair embarks on a road trip to confront the issue head-on, as they encounter stories from survivors and family members who have lost loved ones – and ultimately to try to find a solution to end the needless suffering.

Key team members: Brandon Deyette: director / executive producer; Edwin Scharlau: executive producer; Jonathon Levi Powell, Terry Blas


Title: The Power of One Coin

Funding goal: $30,000

Slated for filming: 2018

Logline: The lives of five people who have never met before become intertwined by a simple coin that travels through the hand of each person.

Why you should support it: The team behind The Power of One Coin is attempting to tackle the subject of mental health and the stigma that remains attached to it within our society. The aim of this short film is to portray how even the smallest acts of kindness can have a huge impact on people’s lives, especially those suffering from mental illness.

Key team members: Flaminia Graziadei: director; Adrian Relph: actor; Stacey Gough: actor; Jack Angerstein: screenwriter


Title: I Am Maurice

Funding goal: $100,000

Slated for filming: Early 2018

Logline: A Haitian travels to the United States shortly after the 2010 earthquake to pursue his dream of becoming a boxer.

Why you should support it: Told through the eyes of a Haitian immigrant to the U.S., this ambitious film focuses on hope, friendship, and freedom. It is also a film aiming to illustrate what can be accomplished when one has “nothing else to lose”.

Key team members: Bryan Kennedy: actor, writer & producer; Jerry Lamothe: director


Title: 54 Gandhi Road

Funding goal: $108,000

Slated for filming: Filming now; raising funds for post-production

Logline: A Tibetan Master braves the expedition to bring Buddhism to the West.

Why you should support it: During the Cultural Revolution of the 1950s, Tibetan master Kangyur Rinpoche, heeding the imminent danger to Tibetan Buddhism, braved the arduous journey over the Himalayan mountains to India. It was a journey that took more than three years, entirely undertaken on foot. Accompanying him were two tons of Buddhist texts and his young family. 54 Gandhi Road tells his story.

Key team members: Yeshe Hegan: writer / director; Kim Hegan: narrator / producer; Fred Renata: director of photography


Title: Rebecca’s Story

Funding goal: $30,000

Slated for filming: Filming now

Logline: An activist and leader works to end violence and bring about peace in Rift Valley.

Why you should support it: This documentary delves into the fascinating life of activist and leader Rebecca Lolosoli, who works to end violence and bring peace to the ongoing conflict in the northern Rift Valley of Kenya. With exclusive access to this champion of women, Rebecca’s Story traces the forces and influences that led her on this remarkable odyssey.

Key team members: Lili Campbell: writer & director

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