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Who is Corpse Husband? See how people reacted after an alleged picture of the anonymous streamer/singer was released. Let's just say, they weren't nice.

Who is Corpse Husband and are people really bullying them?

Who is Corpse Husband? Besides being a viral streamer & singer known for his devilishly deep voice, no one knew of his true identity. Not only did no one know his real name but no one had ever seen his face. Corpse Husband became an internet sensation with his song “E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE!” and his mysterious identity. 

However, after a picture of the streamer & singer circulated on Twitter, plenty of people shared their hurtful opinions of his appearance. Corpse Husband’s alleged face reveal has sparked countless hateful tweets to the artist for being what some call “a let down” while others sling more offensive comments on his looks. 

Fortunately, there are also plenty of Twitter users who are supporting the artist and reprimanding those for not only invading his privacy but making hateful statements on someone’s appearance. To follow Corpse Husband’s wish to remain unknown, we will not include the photograph which he wouldn’t want to be shared.

Some e-girls weren’t happy

Unfortunately, many responded to the unwarranted face reveal with dramatic disappointment.

Not cool

Anonymous Twitter users shouldn’t be talking. . .

Keep all mean comments to yourself

Some people don’t want their identities known, end of story.

The internet can be a cruel place

Perhaps this backlash is exactly why he wanted to stay anonymous. . .

This is bullying

Apparently, no one was listening during those constant lessons on cyberbullying back in high school.

First off, let’s not be mean on the internet

Clearly, Corpse Husband wanted to remain anonymous for his own reasons and to circulate an unapproved picture is just low.

Is it even Corpse Husband?

We don’t even know for certain who is in the discussed picture since Corpse Husband has yet to comment on the supposed face reveal. If it isn’t him, who would want to see a picture of themselves being dissed on Twitter? Not us. 

Would you share a picture of yourself from middle school?

Yeah, we didn’t think so. 

Ugly haters

Anyone negatively commenting on Corpse Husband’s looks should also post a selfie to prove they’re a 10/10.

Expose racists, not Corpse Husband

Can we agree to only expose problematic Karens and not just anonymous streamers?

What do you think about the mean tweets towards Corpse Husband? Are you still a fan? Let us know in the comments below!

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    October 16, 2021

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