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Food may keep us alive, but humans have found a way to make our sustenance a truly enjoyable experience. Enjoy these cooking videos.

Make your stomach grumble with these appetizing cooking videos

Food may keep us alive, but humans have found a way to make our sustenance a truly enjoyable experience. Not only can it taste great, but it’s a way to spend time with family & friends, and sharing a meal (especially one you’ve cooked yourself) is one of the universal ways of saying “I like you”.

The human love for food has led to an abundance of food-themed television shows, companies, and YouTube videos. We’ve rounded up our favorite cooking videos so that you can either drool over the food or pick up a few tips & tricks to impress your loved ones.


You can’t talk about YouTube cooking without mentioning the Binging with Babish channel. From recreating your favorite movie & TV dishes to teaching you the basics of at-home cooking the channel is a fun space for food lovers of all cooking abilities.

This video is a recent one, and it’s already one of our favorites. Potstickers are a tasty food that seems too tricky to do at home, but this video makes it seem pretty simple. We think we’re going to try this recipe sooner rather than later.

We’re going to be adding a little bit of chili oil to our dipping sauce instead of sriracha though. 🌶️

Perfect chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are easy – they’re often the first baked good people try on their own. But some cookies are undoubtedly better than others and we wanted to know how to make the best ones.

Luckily, Rosanna Pansino had the same ardent wish and spent a whole year perfecting her recipe. If we didn’t already trust her baking prowess (we totally did) we certainly do now.

These ooey-gooey chocolatey cookies have us itching to make our own so we can taste them for ourselves.

Grilled crab rolls

Did you know that Gordon Ramsay has a YouTube channel? Well, you do now. He has all kinds of demonstration videos so you can look how to cook. This one in particular has us craving seafood.

This outdoor cooking video will either make you want to go camping, fishing, or make you want to run to the grocery store for all these ingredients. Personally, we’re planning on the third option since this video made us say “that looks so good” to the computer screen.

Stuffed chicken parmesan

Everyone loves a one-pan dish because nobody likes cleaning after cooking.

This Italian-inspired dish not only shows you how to make a tasty chicken dish, but the chef even provides a gluten-free way to make the dish that requires breadcrumbs.

If you’re a cheese-lover then you absolutely need to try this recipe – the full recipe is in the video’s description.

Fish and chips

If you’re willing to do some frying in the kitchen then this fish and chips recipe is a must-try. Fish and chips may be a famous British food, but it’s well loved in many other countries.

This take on the classic dish isn’t entirely traditional, but that’s what makes it fun – you can buy normal fish & chips anywhere, so why not experiment with your cooking?

This cooking video is also great for anyone on a time crunch since it’s under five minutes.

Fondant potatoes

This uncommon technique for cooking potatoes reminds us why we love the starch so much – you can do so much with them.

We’ll admit that there are easier ways to cook potatoes, but if you’re ever feeling a little bit fancy then these buttery, herbaceous potatoes will definitely impress anyone you invite to a dinner party.

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