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Kellyanne Conway's daughter, Claudia Conway, will appear on this season of 'American Idol'. Dive into all the details and learn when she will appear.

Is Claudia Conway competing on ‘American Idol’? See the teaser

You know, after the inauguration, we thought we wouldn’t have to talk about Kellyanne Conway anymore. We thought she would just fade away like the nightmare person she is, but then she has to post a naked photo of her teenage daughter, Claudia Conway, online. Sure, it got taken down. Claudia herself says she thinks it was an accident. But WHY do you have a naked photo of your teenage daughter to begin with

We’re not even getting into the fact that she has been feuding with said teenage daughter. Mother of the year? She is not. So, yes, we’re still talking about Kellyanne Conway. We sincerely hope she gets some sort of retribution because an “accident”, really? Either way, the Conway name will still be in the news. Why? Because Claudia Conway is heading to American Idol’s latest season. 

Let’s talk about it.


Seriously. Listen if Sarah Palin could get a multi-season long reality show, then this? This isn’t a surprise. Wasn’t Sean effing Spicer on Dancing with the Stars? Are we really surprised by all of this? Like truly. In a teaser released by American Idol, people noticed a girl that looks like Claudia Conway singing for the judges, who react in shock upon her telling them her name.

Conway has made a name for herself on the TikTok app by giving people a peek into her homelife with her parents. Her mother, for some reason, has naked photos of her teenage daughter that she “accidentally” posts online, and her father hates her mother’s former boss! Obviously, the house was filled with tension. Meanwhile, Claudia has a rocky relationship with the pair of them that she shared with her fans.

Naturally, this has led to fans calling out her parents on social media. Conway, however, called a truce with her parents in Jan 2021 and has asked people to stop spreading negative messages about them. Honestly, it just looks like people need a divorce and/or therapy in a major way. But, sure, try out for the reality show instead.

This isn’t that much of a surprise

People following Claudia Conway on social media knew that this was incoming. In a TikTok filmed on the set of American Idol, she said, “I’m here at American Idol confessional. I met Ryan Seacrest today and I have my audition soon, so stay tuned for that. Very very nervous but very excited.” This was back in Nov. 2020 when the show was still filming their auditions process.

Claudia Conway’s American Idol appearance was also teased by Katy Perry, one of the judges on the revamped ABC series, back in Nov. She posted a picture of her & Conway on Instagram. She said in a video, “Well well, let the games begin, because Claudia just tried out for American Idol.” 

When will we see Conway on American Idol?

According to PopCrave, Claudia Conway will make her American Idol appearance on Sunday, Feb. 14, which is also the season premiere of American Idol. Promos for the series call it a night full of “big changes” & “bigger surprises” in the series with shots of judges Perry, Lionel Ritchie, and Luke Bryan. Bobby Bones also is returning as the mentor for season 19 of the long-running reality competition series.

Now all we have to see is if Claudia Conway can sing well enough to impress the judges on American Idol. Or . . . will it be an audition of cringe. 

Will Claudia Conway get that golden ticket? You’ll have to tune in for the latest season of American Idol on Sunday, Feb. 14 at 8/7c on ABC to find out.

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