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Are we alone in this vast universe? Whether you’re an alien-hunter or simply a star-gazer, Colorado’s UFO Watchtower will convince you that UFOs are real.

Why Colorado’s UFO watchtower is a hot spot for “real” sightings

Is it scarier to think that unknown beings from an alien planet exist, or that we’re all alone in this endless universe? While the answer isn’t certain, we can all dream of a day when aliens & humans have an encounter. Let’s hope that that day doesn’t mean doom & destruction – but you never know. 

Of course, some believe that day has already come and that aliens have indeed made an appearance on earth or in our skies. One place, in particular, has fostered some serious conspiracy theories due to the numerous reports of UFO sightings there. 

A unique roadside attraction, Colorado has a UFO watchtower in the San Luis Valley notorious for notable UFO sightings. Whether you’re an alien-hunter or simply a star-gazer, Colorado’s UFO Watchtower in south-central Colorado is a fun stop for a night under the stars. 

Colorado’s UFO hotspot

Tourists of all sorts find themselves happening upon Colorado’s famous UFO Watchtower (even extraterrestrial tourists, apparently.) To find it, you can follow “Ride the Cosmic Highway” signs or green aliens pointing down Highway 17 towards the tower.

The UFO Watchtower is located north of Hooper, Colorado right next to the Great Sand Dunes National Park – the Sangre de Cristo mountain range lies underneath the vast skies. Perhaps due to the expansive & open sky above, Colorado’s UFO attraction has been a central hub for unexplained UFO sightings.  

The hotspot’s history

The San Luis Valley has been called “The Bermuda Triangle of the West” because of the alleged alien activity there. Mysterious sightings in this valley date back to the 1560s when the Spanish Conquistadors explored there. 

Colorado’s UFO Watchtower was erected by Judy Messoline in May 2000 – and ever since, over two hundred UFOs have been spotted by those visiting the area. Messoline claims to have seen twenty-eight of them herself. Messoline shared her story establishing the tower:

“I came here to raise cattle in 1995. When I met the locals, they were all telling me UFO stories and I’d just giggle, saying we needed a watchtower.”

After spending years struggling to work with cows in the desert, Messoline decided to go for it and built a UFO watchtower to capture all of the breathtaking extraterrestrial moments. While it was only supposed to be a silly tourist-trap, it quickly became something more. As Messoline put it:

“Initially, this was just gonna be a little ol’ mom-and-pop business to catch tourist traffic. Well, we had other tourist traffic come around, too.”

Messoline’s healing garden

Once a skeptic herself who saw it all as a “big joke,” Messoline understands people’s reluctance to believe all of the stories told at her UFO watchtower. However, she explained that during her time hosting curious tourists, she’s simply heard too many stories to brush the experiences aside. Messoline explained: 

“People don’t get made fun of here. Folks will walk up, and I’ll ask if they’ve seen anything. A lot of them just hang their head, so I’ll let it go. But after they’ve been here a bit, they’ll open up and tell me about what they’ve seen. Not all those people are crazy.”

Messoline calls her area a “healing garden.” Many psychics have visited her place, affirming that two large beings were protecting two spinning vortexes there. Filling the space with “good energy,” Messoline has encouraged people to leave personal items to keep the vibe going in the garden. Today the garden is decorated with personal items like photos, business cards, pens, keys, & toys.  

Buried mothership

Psychics have alluded to more than just large guardians & good vibes – they also spoke of extraterrestrial evidence right below their feet. While binders are filled with detailed drawings & testimonies of alien sightings in the skies, Messoline shared that psychics feel their presence in the ground too. She explained:

“They’d each stand in the same spot in the shop and ask, ‘Why did you put this here?’” she says. “I told them it just felt right. Well, then they would say, ‘You know that there’s a crashed ship under here.’ I just thought, yeah right, but when you hear it over and over, then you start thinking [it might be true].”

When asking about the size of the supposed buried spacecraft, the psychics said that it was a mothership, over a mile long. According to Messoline, a group form the Navy also once came to visit the watchtower and didn’t seem surprised by a possible crashed ship at all. 

Are you ready to pack your bags and head to Colorado’s UFO watchtower yet?

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