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After her split from Justin Hartley, Chrishell Stause is ready to move on. The celebrity is now aspiring to be a mother.

Chrishell Stause already has a plan to get pregnant despite her heartbreak

No one can say that it hasn’t been a tough year for Chrishell Stause, especially after her highly publicized split from This Is Us actor, Justin Hartley. Despite this, the Selling Sunset star has been doing great as a contestant on Dancing With the Stars. It’s not just her moves that are stealing hearts, but the fact that she’s putting her aspirations to be a mom first – even with everything else she has going on.

Stealing hearts on the dancefloor 

Stause, along with her pro partner Gleb Savchenko, have become favorites on DWTS because of the obvious chemistry between them. In the past, there have been pairs that just seemed off together but not Stause & Savchenko. The pair make their partnership seem real & fun to watch – especially their routine for “Top 13 Night.”

Stause & Savchenko foxtrotted away to Harry Styles’s “Adore You.” The pair performed the romantic choreography with matching, beaming smiles, making it feel as if they had forgotten everyone else in the room.  

While their dance was certainly attention-grabbing, Stause managed to keep all eyes on her with her pre-dance video that served as inspiration for anyone out there wanting to become a parent. During the video, she opened up about her decision to freeze her eggs after her split with Hartley.

The decision didn’t come without consequences though, as Stause talked about how practicing the dances during the freezing process wasn’t the most comfortable for her.

“There were a few times [in rehearsal] where I was struggling a little bit. I was physically very uncomfortable because I decided to freeze my eggs,” she said. “It can be very overwhelming. You’re giving yourself hormone shots every single day.”

Future plans of pregnancy

Stause is proving she’s the writer of her own happiness, whether she’s married or not. To her, being a mom trumps everything else.

“There are certain hopes and dreams I still have, and one of them is being a mom,” Stause shared. “I had ideas of having a family and being a wife, but that hasn’t exactly panned out the way that I wished. I went through a very public divorce. Doing this, it sets me up for success so I am able to have the best chance with the right person in the future.”

The steps to freezing eggs aren’t easy and seeing an ex moving on right in the middle of  the spotlight isn’t simple either. Stause is making sure to take time for herself and plan ahead because she has also stated, “There’s a family aspect that I’m missing.”

Moving on

The closest Stause had to a child of her own was Hartley’s daughter from his first marriage, Isabella Justice. Even though Hartley blindsided Stause with his divorce announcement, his first ex-wife, Lindsay Korman, and his daughter took to Instagram to defend him as a father and to support his decision. 

Korman wrote on Instagram, “In a day when social media should be used for positivity, an inspiration towards movement in an honest  and deserving way, I’d like to join, by highlighting my appreciation for my family. Today, I appreciate my ex-husband Justin for being my dear friend and devoted father to our daughter. Simply put, for being family.”

Hartley’s daughter followed her mother’s move and reposted the message. 

While Isabella never publicly commented on her relationship with Stause, it appears the two are fairly close. Stause even reached out to Isabella not long after the divorce was made public.

Despite being thrown into the spotlight over the divorce, Stause is showing that she only cares about moving on. It’s unclear whether she plans to have a child any time soon, but for now, watching her journey of self-love is just as great.

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