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Will the ring soon make a reappearance on Chrishell's finger, heralding an official seal on their union? Take a look now!

Did Chrishell and G Flip get married or what?

Is it a celebration of love or a legal union? The buzz around Chrishell Stause and G Flip’s Las Vegas wedding is reaching fever pitch. Following the couple’s impromptu wedding announcement, questions have emerged about the legitimacy of their matrimony.

The Selling Sunset star Chrishell and musician G Flip reportedly decided to say their vows in an impromptu ceremony in Sin City. However, when questioned about the legal standing of the marriage, Chrishell sidestepped the question, stating that the couple wasn’t overly concerned about public opinion. 

This sparked speculation that they may have simply had a heartfelt celebration of their love, rather than a legal wedding. But is there any merit to it all? Let’s take a look.

No ring on it

Adding to the intrigue, fans were quick to notice the absence of a wedding ring on Chrishell’s finger. The empty ring finger churned up the rumor mill about a possible breakup, but Chrishell promptly set the record straight with a candid explanation.

Addressing the curiosity head-on, Chrishell took to her Instagram stories and dispelled any scandalous headlines in the making. She confirmed her happiness in her married life and attributed her ring-less state to a change in her ring size due to weight gain. The star asserted that she was content and leading her best life, suggesting a potential plan for a more permanent ring once it’s resized.

Unconventional union

The union of Selling Sunset star Chrishell Stause and musician G Flip is indeed a tale of love not following any prescribed plan. Chrishell officially announced their marriage on May 10 through an Instagram video featuring G Flip’s latest song, Be Your Man. The clip, showcasing snapshots of their spontaneous wedding, was simply captioned, “Love doesn’t always go as planned… Sometimes it’s immeasurably better.”

The couple, who made their relationship public in May 2022, has a thirteen-year age gap, a detail Chrishell addressed candidly during a Selling Sunset cast reunion. Chrishell, who was previously involved with her boss, Jason Oppenheim, and actor Justin Hartley, revealed her burgeoning relationship with G Flip during the reunion.

Second sighted love

The duo’s love story took flight in unexpected circumstances. They first crossed paths at a concert in 2021, with G Flip inviting Chrishell to the event. Although the two had met in passing as G Flip was Chrishell’s real estate client, it wasn’t until a party at Chrishell’s house in early 2022 that sparks truly flew.

G Flip, who had attended the party solo, struck up a conversation with a stood-up Chrishell, and a fateful kiss was shared. Chrishell, who identified as straight, began developing feelings for G Flip as they were house hunting in Los Angeles, leading to an unconventional yet beautiful love story.

The show

For all the marriage buzz, fans have also been raising questions about the authenticity of certain on-camera conversations in the show itself after catching glaring continuity errors. In a scene from the show’s sixth season, Jason Oppenheim, owner of The Oppenheim Group, meets up with his former flame and colleague Chrishell Stause for drinks. 

What caught the attention of keen-eyed viewers was Oppenheim’s fuss over ordering Aperol spritzes, which inadvertently brought the drinks into focus, unveiling an editing mishap.

As the conversation between Oppenheim and Stause unfolds, observant fans noticed a significant fluctuation in the amount of Aperol spritz in Oppenheim’s glass, thanks to the frequent cuts between the two. This editing blunder hints at a possibility that the conversation was pieced together during post-production or, as suggested by a TikTok user, the scene might have been reshot altogether. 

All the rest

Some commenters pointed out that other reality shows, such as Love Island and Love Is Blind, avoid such continuity errors by having cast members use opaque cups while drinking or simply refraining from filming eating scenes.

Regardless of the official status of their marriage, the couple’s blissful happiness is evident. However, the question still remains: Will the ring soon make a reappearance on Chrishell’s finger, heralding an official seal on their union?


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