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‘Selling Sunset’: Has controversial Christine Quinn quit the series?

After the meltdowns in season 6, it was unclear whether Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn would ever return. Christine is known to be the show’s supervillain with a killer wardrobe. It looks like she already found her replacement with a new British addition, Chelsea Lazkani. But what’s hiding behind this mystery, is it all a marketing strategy for the next season?

Christine Quinn has made her fair share of enemies both on and off-screen. It’s clear that the drama is proving to be far more challenging for the star as she’s decided to move on from the Oppenheim Group. The 33-year-old real estate agent also faced accusations that she bribed her co-star’s client to stop working with her. But Christine Quinn couldn’t leave the show just like that right? She made a whole performance of it.

When it comes to reality shows, there’s always the doubt about the veracity of the drama, but apparently, in Selling Sunset it’s 100% real and goes further than the show. Minutes before the launch of the new season of Selling Sunset on April 22nd, Quinn posted on her Instagram stories: “30 minutes until the launch of ‘Selling Sunset’. Enjoy the new season and all of its 5,000 fake stories!”.

What’s next for Christine Quinn? 

Quinn was definitely an important part of the team, and the main reason several fans of the show loved it so much. However, no matter what happens, the show must go on, and late capitalism has shown us no one, not even Christine Quinn’s outfits are non-remplissable. And just like that, Quinn’s information and employment history has been removed from the Oppenheim Group website. 

Anyhow, they say all publicity is good publicity, and all this drama eventually transformed into show propaganda. But Quinn is a smart woman and wouldn’t provide product placement for free, she’s getting something from this series of events too. In fact, the day after the series launched, Quinn introduced her new venture to her three million Instagram followers. 

She also shared a screenshot from Forbes magazine’s Instagram story with the quote: “Why work for someone else when you can be your own CEO?”. The truth is not all people are CEO or freelance material, but Quinn undoubtedly counts with all the necessary aspects to triumph successfully on her own. Talent and academic knowledge are not enough, it takes discipline and self-determination to do so.

Could it be that we’ll learn more from Quinn now that she quit Selling Sunset? The real estate agent & Netflix star just released her first book in May. How to Be a Boss Bitch is the title, and to be honest, it sounds like something most of us should read. Quinn opens up about her future in real estate and her experience in the Oppenheim Group

It even looks like she was planning on this with a strategy, she launched her book right when people would start wondering what happened to her. “I had to make a business decision that was for me, so I had to terminate the contract so I could move it over to my brokerage.” All this could easily be a smokescreen to run from her accusations, but there’s some truth in all she’s saying. The fact is that Quinn won’t stop being, or at least behaving as the Netflix star she became with Selling Sunset.

What’s next for Selling Sunset

Everything is changing with this year and we’re barely arriving at its half. Life begins to feel “normal” again after two years of a pandemic uncertainty, Netflix lost subscribers for the first time in history, and Selling Sunset won’t be the same without Quinn. Anyhow, change & chaos are inherent to life, certain things change to a non-return point, but that shouldn’t turn into something bad. 

Do you miss Christine Quinn in Selling Sunset? Tell us what you think of her in the comments below! 

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