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'Selling Sunset' season 5 is coming in April. If you don't have a Netflix subscription, don't worry. We'll tell you other alternatives to watch it for free.

‘Selling Sunset’: How can you watch season 5 for free on Netflix?

Drama, real estate agents, and beautiful houses are what Selling Sunset is all about, and season 5 is finally coming. Get comfortable on your couch because you’re about to watch the most luxurious properties through the sales of the Oppenheim Group. Also, the most unnecessary fights and great outfits. 

The show portrays exuberant homes when several people could never afford a traditional house or for example a Netflix subscription. If this is your case don’t worry. We’re about to tell you everything you need to know on how to stream Selling Sunset season 5 for free. But let’s talk about Netflix’s most flashy reality show first. 

Reasons to watch Selling Sunset 

If you live under a rock and haven’t watched the show, here’s a small preface for you. Selling Sunset is a reality show that depicts L.A.’s most successful female realtors from the Oppenheim Group, which is Hollywood Hill’s number one agency. All these ladies work under the same roof but aren’t exactly a team, which makes competition harder and tension something you can feel right out of the screen.

Each season shows even more mind-blowing mansions and there’s obviously an unavoidable amount of drama that grows proportionally to the size of the houses. All these ladies are willing to sell ridiculously luxurious homes while maintaining a personal life, which is already a hard task for any worker in the system.

As in all reality shows, there are several comments around that guarantee it’s all set, yet, it’s so entertaining that season 5 is coming regardless. All reality shows have some fakeness, remember there are contracts and a full team of audiovisual production behind them. Even documentaries & journalism are fiction to some extent, so don’t bother yourself analyzing a reality show’s veracity.

There are several comments on IMDb that portray the general feeling of the audience about it, and strongly invite you to watch the show ASAP. “It’s completely staged and you want to bash your head against the screen to make it stop”. Yet, this comment was followed by “And I hate myself for how much I enjoyed watching it, I watched it all in like 2 days”.

Enjoying reality TV for what it is

If you’ve never watched Selling Sunset, its description might sound empty, because somehow it is “The only thing bigger than the real estate listings, is the drama”. Anyway, post-pandemic life is already too hard in order to watch profound classic cult movies in your free time. Maybe this is the moment for people to start considering watching reality shows as a self-care activity. 

Besides getting entertained with all the drama and fantasizing about the mansions, watching the show can also lead to reflecting on several other situations. Actually, anything can be as empty or as deep as you can make it, nevertheless, this is what you need to know before streaming season 5.

The economy’s an infallible aspect to value when reflecting on any social situation. Real estate statistics are foolproof to tangibly understand how humans evolve as a society and map out aspects like net worth & gender. For example, in 2021, 20% of home buyers were single women, and only less than 10% were single men. Anyway, let’s see what Selling Sunset Season 5 has for you.

How to watch the show for free?

There are moments in life where not having a streaming platform subscription doesn’t really matter. Maybe you’re full of work or it looks like there’s nothing to watch. Yet, this is a sad moment for not having specifically a Netflix account. Bridgerton season 2 just came, and Russian Doll will be coming in April among several other worth-watching T.V. shows. 

However, there’s nothing to worry about, some of the sites we’re about to introduce to you also stream other Netflix content apart from Selling Sunset. The first site we propose is our beloved 123Movies, followed by Also, a website that has housed other seasons of the show is 1movies.hd. You should try it again in April once Selling Sunset is released.  

Where do you stream your favorite shows online for free? Share this valuable information in the comments below! 

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