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Need to show your best friend a little love? Try sending one of these friendship memes their way. We know they'll appreciate it.

Celebrate your besties with these memes all about friendship

Friendships are precious. Healthy friendships make us mentally & physically strong – there’s enough science to prove it. Friends can often become your emotional anchor – your support system outside of the family. Friendships can teach you how to love & grow together. A Harvard study also proves that good friends can help us handle stressful days better & make better decisions in life. 

Spending time with friends has a hugely positive impact on our lives – research has shown that when children hang out with their friends during a challenging situation, their cortisol production is reduced. Cortisol is a hormone released by the body under extreme stress.

Harvard Medical School also claims that social connections “help relieve levels of stress, which can harm the heart’s arteries, gut function, insulin regulation, and the immune system.” Now that we’ve established that friendships are extremely crucial in our lives, here are some memes to celebrate the beauty of this relationship.

The fake friends

In this era of instant communication, we often forget if a friend hasn’t replied back immediately, it’s because they’re probably busy with some other things – maybe they’re in a meeting, maybe they’re in a crowded place (pre-pandemic), maybe they’re in the loo – because we, their best friend, are entitled to their undivided attention.

If a friend doesn’t get back to your text within five minutes of sending it, they’re not a true friend; we suggest you find new ones. Or you could just double text them with the words, “Our friendship is cancelled until further notice.”

Pals who are dead inside

You might have heard that misery loves company. From that, it follows that if you’re dead inside, you’ll love to have others around you just as morbid as you are. The logic is really simple: having a friend who peddles positive vibes will never understand the dark recesses of your mind & heart. 

You need someone who will understand just how dark the nooks can get & just how much you cannot be a phoney – very Holden Caulfield of you.

Best friends do a background check on your dates

Of the many unspoken rules of friendship is the one where your besties are required to do a full-blown internet search on your potential date. They are supposed to reach the crevices & nooks no one else can. They dig deep into whichever rabbit role the social media gods intended for them to venture into and find the secrets on your crush. 

Never again say your crush keeps a low profile – your bestie will tell you there’s always a way out.

Friends share secrets

What’s a friend if not the keeper of your secrets? The fun doubles in measurement when the secret shared between you two is not publicly known – the grins passed in conversations, capable of being deciphered only by you, are joyous, to say the least.

Your best friend’s existence is a true gift

Promise not to shed some happy tears on this one, but on rainy days, having a friend & support system around can change everything. On most days, the mere existence of our friends is a blessing. Gratitude abounds.

Friends save friends from doing embarrassing things

There’s a designated driver who ensures all the drunks get back home safe & then there’s the best friend who ensures you don’t do something stupid when you’re drunk. Intoxication makes us inclined to make incredibly bad decisions like calling your ex and confronting your boss, to name a few.

But your friend has your back – sometimes literally so – to ensure you’re safe from the consequences of your own drunk actions. The best friend knows the drunk you better than you do.

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