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Tired of quarantine? Well, so are cats. The kitties are meowing “Enough is enough!” Here are pictures proving your cat is so over quarantine.

Kitties are so over quarantine: Here are the cat pictures to prove it

Tired of quarantine? Well, so are cats. Our feline friends have had it up to here when it comes to being locked in the house with animals of the human variety. They’re used to having the house to themselves and only having to bother with humans for about half the day. 

Sure, they appreciate the increase in snacks they’ve been able to weasel out of us, and the extra snugs and rubs aren’t exactly unacceptable, but everything’s out of whack. The feng shui is all out of balance and some of the best napping spots are no longer available. The kitties are meowing “Enough is enough!” 

Here are pictures proving cats are so over quarantine: 

Conspiratorial whisperings

Dang. Us humans better watch our backs. 

So sick of it

This cat can’t even stand to look at its human anymore. 


“Why can’t you hoomans just leave already?” This cat is experiencing some teenage angst. 

He can’t even 

Peter’s so over it he doesn’t even think you’re worth getting up to scratch. 

He has one question 

I think this cat might develop the COVID-19 vaccine just to get rid of its human. 

I’m not a doll 

This cat doesn’t know what type of weird cosplaying this is, but she’s very much not into it. 

Paws off me!

This crabby cat is definitely thinking about biting its owner.  

The coast is clear

This brave cat is trying to convince his owners he hasn’t found any coronavirus. “I swear, Penny. There’s nothin’ out here. You can leave.” 

What, you’re still here? 

This cat who thought his humans would be gone by the time he finished his nap. 

Don’t do it, Oscar!

This cat doesn’t know if he can take it anymore.

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