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The Cat Coughing Meme: An Inside Look

In recent years, a viral meme has been sweeping throughout social media – the “Cat Coughing” meme. Though seemingly bizarre and random in nature, its popularity is undeniable; but what exactly is this strange phenomenon? Let’s take a deeper look into the cat coughing meme to find out more!

The origins of this meme can be traced back to 2017 when it first started appearing on sites such as Reddit, 4Chan, and Twitter. It features an image of a white cat with its mouth wide open, giving off a sound which bears similarities to that of an asthmatic cough – hence the name “Cat Coughing”. Over time, users have added various captions to this image in attempts to make it even funnier – for instance, many joke about how cats are often prone to getting sick or that their coughing means they need medical attention.

Since then, it has grown increasingly popular – spawning countless variations and inspirations throughout online platforms and forums around the world. Creative spins on this classic still appear frequently today (including those featuring other animals such as dogs or birds), while some users have even gone so far as to create their own original versions using photoshop or simple drawing tools!

But why do people find this meme so funny? For starters, its visual format makes it highly relatable; after all, most of us have experienced coughing at some point in our lives and can sympathize with a creature experiencing the same frustration! Furthermore, its lighthearted approach also speaks volumes about how we sometimes attempt humor in order alleviate difficult experiences (which could be anything from illness to financial woes).

So where should you consider using this hilarious phenomenon? Well, the answer depends on your personal preferences. For example, if you’re looking for something humorous yet appropriate for work emails than a modified version of the Cat Coughing meme could work well; alternatively if you’re wanting something more tongue-in-cheek then feel free to use any of its many variants found online!

All things considered however – whether used ironically or simply because it’s funny – there is no doubt that the Cat Coughing meme will continue being one of 2019’s strangest and most beloved internet sensations for years to come!

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